North Sterling State Park: A Boater’s Paradise


  This large, spacious reservoir on the high plains draws locals and tourists alike from May through September and waterfowl hunters during the hunting season. North Sterling State Park is a gateway to fun and relaxation. Elks Campground is open year-round. A boater’s paradise, this large irrigation reservoir offers great coves and fingers to explore … Read more

Venture Back in Time to the Overland Trail

Venture Back in Time to the Overland Trail 1

Located on Highway 6, east of the South Platte River, the Overland trail commemorates the historic westward migration of gold seekers and early pioneers.The museum was named after the Overland trail stage route that was a branch of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska. The Overland Trail followed the south bank of the South Platte River … Read more

Burlington, Colorado: Old Town Museum Depicts Pioneer Life

  Rolling meadows, weathered barns, waving wheat and country farmhouses distinguish Colorado’s eastern plains. This area, known as Colorado’s Outback country, was home for many of the state’s first settlers who forged their existence from the earth. You can get a feel for the way they lived at the Old Town Museum in Burlington, Colorado, … Read more

Wray, Colorado: Home of the Little Dance on the Prairie

They’re called greater prairie chickens for a good reason. These plump, 2-pound relatives of the grouse live in the tall-grass prairie and supposedly taste like chicken. Once hunted for food, the population of these ground-foraging birds has diminished so much, the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the species as “vulnerable.” Most of the … Read more