Tommyknocker Brewery

About Tommyknocker Brewery

Colorado vacations are often built around two major themes: beer and mountains. In Idaho Springs, you can experience both. Not only is this city near Mount Evans, the 14,200-foot peak and home to the highest paved road in North America, but it is also home to the Tommyknocker Brewery. This pub and restaurant gives you a chance to sample local brew, but also enjoy fine food at the end of a day hiking in the mountains.

American Classics Star on the Tommyknocker Menu

The Tommyknocker Brewery features American style food. Enjoy classics like chicken wings and buffalo burgers when you dine here. Sandwiches make up the majority of the menu, and you can dine on favorites like Mesquite Pulled Pork, a Hot Pastrami Melt, or the Buffalo Crunchy Chicken Sandwich. Be prepared for some kick to these foods, as many tend to be a bit spicy. If you really enjoy your spice, the menu features a few “South of the Border” options, like nachos and enchiladas.

Tommyknocker Taps
There are six regular beers offered at Tommyknocker Brewery, along with six premium and seasonal brews.

While most people do not think of a brewery as a place to bring kids, this one caters to little ones as well as adults. They have a full children’s menu featuring popular choices like chicken fingers, grilled cheese, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese and corn dogs.

Of course, what draws most people to Tommyknocker’s is the brewery. They have six core brands of beer that they offer, as well as six premium and seasonal brews. This means you can sample a different beer every time you visit, if you wish. This can add some fun to your Idaho Springs, Colorado vacations. They also sell bottles you can take back to your hotel or even home with you when you are done dining.

If beer is not your thing, or you have members in your group who are too young to drink, then consider trying the brewery’s signature sodas. They contain all natural ingredients and pure cane sugar. You can get the Tommyknocker root beer on draft if you dine in, or you can buy bottles of the four flavors to take home with you.

If You Go

If you are going to dine at the Tommyknocker Brewery, you will find the restaurant near the corner of Miner and 14th Street at 1401 Miner Street. You can see a full menu selection at You can also learn more or check on current wait times by calling 303-567-2688.

The restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., with the bar remaining open as long as customers wish to stay.