Venture Back in Time to the Overland Trail

Located on Highway 6, east of the South Platte River, the Overland trail commemorates the historic westward migration of gold seekers and early pioneers.The museum was named after the Overland trail stage route that was a branch of the Oregon Trail in Nebraska. The Overland Trail followed the south bank of the South Platte River through northeastern Colorado. It is said that the Overland Trail was the heaviest traveled road in America, maybe even in the world between 1862 to 1868. The museum was opened in 1936 in the original building, which was made of native rock and designed after the early trading forts. In the past 65 years much has been added, not only to the structure, but to the collections which have been donated by local citizens.

Make a stop at the general store of the Old West when you visit the Overland Trail Museum!
The village behind the main structure has several buildings from pre-1915; The Stoney Buttes one-room schoolhouse, the Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Church, the Dailey Cash Store, and the granary barn (which has a fine collection of branding irons, saddles, and other farm and ranch equipment.) In addition, there is a well-equipped blacksmith shop and an extensive array of farm machinery.

Activities that take place annually at the museum include the Prairie School, which runs weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks each summer, small weddings and Sunday morning church services in the country church and the 4th of July Heritage Festival.

Visitors from every state in the union and from many other countries stop in the museum every year. Many make this a must stop on their annual trips across the country.

Come join us for a nostalgic trip to your own past, no matter where you come from. The Overland Trail Museum is the best little museum you’ll ever see!


If You Go

Overland Trail Museum
110 Overland Trail 
Sterling, CO 80751
(970) 522-3895


Please call for price of admission, (970) 522-3895.