2 Things To Do In Ouray Colorado
Locals know that there are plenty of things to do in Ouray Colorado if you know where to look. Luckily, we’ve compiled 2 of the best things to do during your stay in Ouray.

Visit Box Canyon Waterfall & Park

Beautiful falls spill into this Ouray canyon, making it truly a sight to behold. With the water from the falls spraying over its impressive 100-foot quartzite canyons, one cannot afford to pass up visiting this natural Ouray wonder.

Take a Trip to the Mines in the Bachelor Syracuse Tour

Experience a piece of history by taking a trip through the historic mines. Live as the miners did by finding treasure and partaking in a meal mirrored after those of the miners themselves. You’ll feel as though you’ve taken a trip back in time while panning for gold and living as the miners did for a few hours.
Visit Ouray Today

There are many and more interesting things to do in Ouray Colorado. The best way to experience Ouray is for yourself, so why not plan a visit?

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