Buford, Colorado

Buford, Colorado is a small unincorporated community located in Moffat County, in the northwestern part of the state.

Here’s some information about Buford:

Buford, Colorado

  1. Location: Buford is situated in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, approximately 200 miles northwest of Denver. It is located near the border of Wyoming, close to the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.
  2. Size and Population: Buford is one of the smallest communities in Colorado, with a population of only a handful of residents. At one point, it held the distinction of being the smallest incorporated town in the United States, but it later dissolved its incorporation.
  3. History: Buford was established in the late 19th century as a hub for the timber and logging industry. It was named after Major General John Buford, a Union Army officer during the American Civil War. The town once had a more significant population during the height of its logging operations.
  4. Commercial Activity: Buford is known for the Buford Trading Post, which gained attention for being one of the few businesses in the area. The trading post features a gas station, a convenience store, and a small cafe. It serves as a stopping point for travelers passing through the region.
  5. Decline and Ghost Town Status: Over the years, the logging industry declined, leading to a decrease in population and economic activity in Buford. It eventually lost its status as an incorporated town in the late 20th century. Today, Buford is often referred to as a ghost town due to its diminished population and limited amenities.
  6. Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities: Buford is surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, offering opportunities for outdoor activities. The area is known for its hiking trails, fishing in nearby rivers and streams, and wildlife viewing. It is also close to the Flattops Wilderness Area, which provides further recreational possibilities.
  7. Historic Landmarks: While Buford itself is relatively quiet, the surrounding area is rich in history and natural landmarks. Nearby attractions include the Dinosaur National Monument, known for its dinosaur fossils and ancient rock art, and the stunning views of the Colorado River and its canyons.

It’s important to note that Buford is a small community, and services and amenities may be limited. If you plan to visit or have specific inquiries about Buford, I recommend contacting local authorities or the Moffat County government for the most up-to-date information

Distance Reference: Buford is approximately 288 miles from Berthoud, Colorado.