Keystone Ski Resort

Keystone Resort is a popular ski destination located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA.

Here’s everything we know about Keystone Ski Resort:

  1. Location: Keystone Resort is situated in Summit County, Colorado, approximately 70 miles (113 kilometers) west of Denver. It is easily accessible by car, making it a convenient destination for both locals and visitors.
  2. Terrain: Keystone offers 3,148 skiable acres (1,274 hectares) of terrain, providing a diverse range of runs suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The resort is known for its extensive night skiing offerings, allowing guests to hit the slopes after the sun sets.
  3. Ownership: As of my last update, Keystone Resort was owned and operated by Vail Resorts. Vail Resorts is a major player in the ski industry and owns several other well-known ski resorts in Colorado and beyond.
  4. Three Mountains: Keystone consists of three interconnected mountains: Dercum Mountain, North Peak, and The Outback. Each mountain offers its own unique skiing experiences and varying levels of difficulty.
  5. Kidtopia: Keystone is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and activities. The resort’s Kidtopia program provides various fun-filled activities for kids and families, both on and off the slopes.
  6. A51 Terrain Park: Keystone’s A51 Terrain Park is one of the largest and most innovative terrain parks in North America, catering to freestyle skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.
  7. Night Skiing: Keystone offers night skiing on select days throughout the winter season, extending the skiing experience into the evening.
  8. Summer Activities: In the warmer months, Keystone Resort transforms into a summer playground with activities such as mountain biking, hiking, golfing, and scenic chairlift rides.
  9. River Run Village: The base area of Keystone, known as River Run Village, offers a variety of lodging options, restaurants, shops, and après-ski spots.
  10. Accessibility: Keystone is easily accessible from Denver International Airport (DIA), making it a convenient destination for both domestic and international travelers.

Please note that details about ski resorts can change over time, including ownership, amenities, and other information.

For the most up-to-date information about Keystone Ski Resort, including lift ticket prices, trail maps, and events, we recommend checking their official website or contacting the resort directly.