Berthoud, Colorado

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Adventures In Berthoud

Glass Of Art

If you like pottery and I know you do, than you need to check out a little place where pottery is fun and the bar is open, it’s called Glass of Art.  Located on Mountain Ave (locals call it Main Street), this little hidden gem is a must visit if you are in this sleepy little rural town.  There is something for everyone at this pottery studio.  They offer seasonal pottery, canvas painting, wood burning and events like ladies night on Thursday and karaoke once a month.  Be sure to check their website for more updated information.

Hotels In Berthoud

As far as hotels in Berthoud, Colorado goes you’ll be hard pressed to find one in town.  There is one sort of sketch motel, but we are not sure if it’s an actual motel or a pay by the week living setup…tread lightly.  Your best bet for a close hotel would be south in Longmont or north in Loveland, each about a 10-20 minute ride respectively.

Food & Drink In Berthoud

There are several good local food and drink options in Berthoud.


If you like good food and cold beer, Bradford’s is the place to be.  They have patio outback and the atmosphere is about as old west as you can get in a modern small town.


This town classic has been here since before our website.  Service is fast, the food is hot and it never disappoints.


The Mexican Place Which I Don’t Recall The Name Of

Side Tracked

Random Food Trucks

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