Gilded Goat Brewing

The Gilded Goat Brewing company, a family-owned brewery, features European beer traditions mixed in with an influence of the Colorado beer culture. They take beer-making very seriously, and treating it as a blend of art and science using Colorado mountain water and fresh ingredients. Their beer takes inspiration from the goat that is adventurous, bold, and balanced in it’s environment and comfortable on the edge.

The History of Gilded Goat Brewing

Their journey to brewing beer all began with a Hoxmeier family trip to Europe, exploring in a small motor-home and visiting pubs, breweries and guesthouses across the continent and England. Some of their favorites included the Black Swan, King’s Arms, the White Horse, and the Eight Belles, and all were filled with rich and warm atmospheres so inviting and using beer to bring people together. They loved that each pub was unique and had its own charm and its own taste, which was what planted the seed.

In the years following, they continued to sample great beer from breweries across Germany, Canada, Kenya, Ireland, Belgium, and the U.S and taking notes. Charlie, the oldest son and head brewer, was studying for a PhD in Microbiology when he began to experiment with different ways of home brewing, and how he could make it happen. This led to a small batch approach created with Colorado water and fresh and innovative ingredients and resulted in amazing beers with simple pleasures of quality, color, and flavor.

It all came together one afternoon during a Belgian Quad-infused session on the driveway with family and friends, where they began to discuss the reality of creating an experience like the one they had in Europe: an inviting pub with amazing local brews, served by the best beer tenders. So, the brewery was born! They drew their inspiration from the Colorado Mountain Goat: independent, bold, balanced, and comfortable on the edge. They put together an investment, grew a team of hard-working and knowledgable people with a passion for making great beer. Specifically golden beers that, like the Gilded Goat, are leaders of the herd.

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