North Sterling State Park: A Boater’s Paradise


This large, spacious reservoir on the high plains draws locals and tourists alike from May through September and waterfowl hunters during the hunting season. North Sterling State Park is a gateway to fun and relaxation. Elks Campground is open year-round.

A boater’s paradise, this large irrigation reservoir offers great coves and fingers to explore during the spring and summer months. Anglers, boaters and water skiers enjoy the water all day, while land lovers hike, bike, or picnic.

Although most visitors come to North Sterling for the fishing and boating prospects, there are many overlooked and hidden opportunities for adults and children of all ages to learn about and enjoy the unique prairie environment of the park.

The wide open plains can first appear flat, barren, and monotonous to visitors accustomed to grand mountains and lush forest scenery. But take a closer look at the land where the deer and the antelope play, and you’ll find a special combination of plants, animals, and birds that have learned to thrive in this vast, sun-drenched environment. Take in scenic views of distant wind-carved canyons, exciting new clean-energy projects, and expansive ranches and farmlands full of the cattle, wheat, and corn that eventually make their way into your grocery stores.
Broad, golden grasslands stretch out in all directions from North Sterling Reservoir, bordered by majestic bluffs to the north, farm and ranchlands to the east, and clear blue skies above.

Come sit by a warm campfire, gazing at the bright stars above, while the coyotes sing thier nightly song in the distance!


If You Go

North Sterling State Park
24005 CR 330
Sterling, CO 80751