Horse and Dragon Brewing Company

Fort Collins, Colorado was the location of the Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, which operated as a craft brewery. According to the information that was available at the time, the following is some information about Horse & Dragon Brewing Company:

Location: The Horse & Dragon Brewing Company might be found in Fort Collins, a community in northern Colorado that is well-known for the booming culture surrounding craft beer. There is a substantial concentration of craft breweries in the Fort Collins area.

Craft Brewery: The Horse & Dragon Brewing Company was considered to be a craft brewery, which denotes that it was a more compact and independent brewery that concentrated on the production of limited quantities of beer with an emphasis on quality and distinctive flavors.

Beers: The Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, much like the majority of craft breweries, most likely provided a wide variety of beers, ranging from more classic varieties to more experimental brews, in its taproom. It’s possible that they created a wide variety of beers, including IPAs, stouts, ales, lagers, and specials for the different seasons.

Taproom: It’s likely that the brewery featured a taproom where guests may try different beers and enjoy the company of others while doing so. Taprooms in craft breweries are frequently used as social gathering spaces for beer enthusiasts and people in the surrounding area.

Community Involvement: The Horse & Dragon Brewing Company, much like many other craft breweries, almost certainly took part in local events, worked with other breweries, and connected with members of the community. In order to interact with their clientele and help the communities in which they operate, craft brewers frequently organize events such as beer tastings, brewery tours, and other types of fundraising activities.

It is essential to be aware that information about enterprises, such as breweries, can be subject to change over the course of time. It is highly recommended that you check the Horse & Dragon Brewing Company’s official website or their social media channels in order to obtain the most recent information about the company, such as their most recent offers, their location, and their events. In addition, you can look on various web platforms for reviews and testimonials left by customers who have patronized this brewery.