Cripple Creek

The Allure of Cripple Creek
Located in Teller County, Colorado, Cripple Creek is a former gold mining camp that sits fairly close to the base of Pike’s Peak. While people do not often think of Cripple Creek as an ideal tourism location, there are actually many things to do in Cripple Creek Colorado.
First, visitors can enjoy the history of Cripple Creek by taking tours of the one thing that the town used to be known for: the mines. Visitors can take tours 1,000 feet underground and be taught the entire gold mining process that Cripple Creek was home to for so many years. Following the tour, visitors can even take home their own gold ore as a memory of Cripple Creek.
Second, Cripple Creek is an excellent location for hikers. Campgrounds are numerous and offer beautiful camping sites that are entirely family-friendly. The close location to Pike’s Peak as well as the excellent hunting opportunities offer the perfect atmosphere for outdoor lovers.
Although it is not the first spot that tourists might consider, there are numerous things to do in Cripple Creek Colorado. The scenery opportunities are beautiful and there are numerous opportunities for historical education. With its quaint advantages and peaceful atmosphere, Cripple Creek is an excellent location for any family vacation.

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