Sanitas Brewing Company

Sanitas Brewing Company began with two brewers passion for all things craft beer, while the eyes of the owls watched over them. Now a local favorite and featuring a wide range of beers, it is definitely a spot to visit!

How it All Began

Working all day and night, the founders of Sanitas Brewing Company Michael Mesmic and Chris Coyne noticed they had owls observing their late night brainstorming. So, in 2013 they paid tribute to their feathered friends in their logo, along with the Brewer’s star, which represents malted barley, grain, hops, water, yeast, and the brewer. Since then, they have continued to grow their team and working together to create the best brews to satisfy your tastebuds. Whether these beers are for accompanying you to the neighboring Rocky Mountains, or sipping in the comfort of your home.

Michael’s dream of playing baseball for the Oakland A’s fell through after a few injuries, and it led him to brewing. It started as a hobby in college, and soon grew into an obsession. During his time at the University of Colorado, he would fit in time between classes to work at Oskar Blues Grill & Brew. After graduation, he took over as a brewer at Boulder Beer where he spent time developing unique and new beers, and dreaming of one day opening a brewery of his own.

Chris on the other hand began brewing young, learning from his father in high school. He started on his own in his college dorm, applying his engineering and biology education to his home brews. He volunteered on the bottling line at Berkshire Brewing when he realized that people actually make a living making beer. After landing his job at Boulder beer cooking, he wanted to do everything he could to get closer to brewing himself. He finally made his way to the brewhouse and spent years learning the science behind brewing the best beers.

What They’re Doing Now

Since they started, they have grown a ​strong team of individuals all working to create the best beers for their customers to enjoy. They all believe that beer brings people together and they take pride in the fact that their tasting room does just that. Whether it be for celebrations, a way to decompress after work, or just enjoy quality time with friends, the tasting room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy their quality beers.

They have a wide range of IPAs, as well as sour beers, their lime lager and more. You will find the most unique brews, and will quench the tastebuds of just about anyone! You can stop and enjoy a taco with your beer, hike Mt. Sanitas and come to reward you with a beer, or bring home some of the beers to enjoy on your couch. Sanitas Brewing Company is the perfect place to stop!

Add this brewery to your list of Colorado breweries to visit!