Colorado’s Crispiest Delights: Top 10 Apple Orchards for Picking and Sipping

Here’s a list of some of the best apple orchards in Colorado where you can enjoy apple picking and other fall activities:

  1. Ya Ya Farm & Orchard (Longmont, CO): This orchard offers a wide variety of apples, including antique and heirloom varieties. They also have a pumpkin patch and offer hayrides.

apple picking colordo

  1. Ela Family Farms (Hotchkiss, CO): Located in the picturesque North Fork Valley, Ela Family Farms is known for its organic apple orchards and stunning views.
  2. Happy Apple Farm (Penrose, CO): This family-owned orchard features a wide selection of apples and a charming country store.

happy apple farm penrose colorado

  1. Munson Farms (Boulder, CO): Munson Farms offers a lovely spot for apple picking in the Boulder area. They also have pumpkins and a corn maze.
  2. Rocky Mountain Pumpkin Ranch (Longmont, CO): While primarily a pumpkin patch, this ranch also has apple picking and a variety of fall activities.
  3. Cottle Farms (Lafayette, CO): Cottle Farms is known for its delicious apples and offers an inviting, family-friendly atmosphere.
  4. Clark’s Elioak Farm (Ellicott City, CO): While not in Colorado, this Maryland-based farm is known for its apple orchard and enchanting fairy tale-themed displays.
  5. Red Fox Cellars (Palisade, CO): This orchard is famous for its organic apples, which are perfect for picking. It’s located in the heart of Colorado wine country.
  6. Mueller’s Little Orchard (Hotchkiss, CO): This small, charming orchard offers organic apples and a peaceful setting.
  7. Meadow Mountain Farm (Allenspark, CO): Located in the Rocky Mountains, this farm offers apple picking and stunning mountain views.

Please note that the availability of apple varieties and the timing of apple picking may vary from year to year, so it’s a good idea to check with the orchards directly for the most up-to-date information and seasonal events.

Are you prepared to set off on a vibrant, clear adventure? You need look no farther than Colorado’s apple orchards, where you may gather the tastiest treats from nature while taking in the splendor of October. All the information you require to pick apples in Colorado is provided here:

When Is Colorado Apple Harvest Season?

Depending on the apple type and the location of the orchard, Colorado’s apple-picking season can last into October after usually beginning in late August or early September. For precise opening dates and availability, it is imperative to check with individual orchards, as these can change depending on crop freshness and weather.

Which Apple Varieties Do Well in Colorado?

Colorado offers the perfect climate and elevation changes to support a broad range of apple cultivars. In Colorado, some of the most widely farmed apple cultivars are Granny Smith, Jonagold, Fuji, Honeycrisp, and Gala. These apples produce crisp, flavorful fruits because they flourish in the state’s sunny days, chilly nights, and well-drained soil.

What Not to Do While Selecting Apples?

It’s important to bear the following in mind when heading into the orchard to harvest apples to make sure you’re picking the tastiest fruits:

  • Apples with scratches, bruising, or other imperfections should be avoided as they may be signs of deterioration.
  • Select apples with vivid colors and a robust texture. Apples that are ripe should have no soft areas and be crisp.
  • Overripe apples can seem mushy or bland, so be careful. These fruits may not have the best flavor or texture because they are past their prime.

Take some time to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of fall as you stroll along the rows of orchards. Savor the pleasant scent of ripe apples filling the air, the warm sun shining a golden hue, and the cold breeze whispering through the leaves. You’ll undoubtedly come away from the experience with happy memories and a basket full of delectable fruits, whether you’re choosing apples for baking, eating, or just enjoying the harvest season.

So gather your basket and hat and head out to one of the beautiful apple orchards in Colorado for a fun-filled, fall-themed day of events. Happy selecting!