Crested Butte, Colorado

The Unknown Advantages of Crested Butte
Located in the Rocky Mountains, Crested Butte, Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful rugged scenery in the west. For a traveler’s first visit, there are a couple of things to do in Crested Butte Colorado that are absolute necessities.
downtown crested butte colorado
First, visitors should take advantage of the skiing and snowboarding opportunities that Crested Butte offers in the winter. If one is visiting in the summer, there are an equal number of opportunities provided such as downhill biking and rides to the top of the summit.
Second, visitors should take advantage of the numerous festivals that happen in the summer and fall in Crested Butte. These festivals include such functions as an arts festival, a chili and beer fest, and a film festival. Additionally, visitors can visit the Farmer’s Market.
Third, for those that are interested in the history of Crested Butte, visitors can take a trip to the Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. This museum essentially shows the entire history of the town for a fee of only $5. Visitors will learn how the town has functioned throughout the years, as well as its European ancestry.
For those who are looking for a location that is far away from the noise of the world, Crested Butte is an excellent place to go. No matter who the visitor is, they will undoubtedly be able to find enjoyable things to do in Crested Butte Colorado.

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