Calhan, Colorado

Some interesting information about Calhan, Colorado:

  • El Paso County, Colorado, in the United States of America, is home to the statutory town of Calhan.
  • According to the results of the United States Census in 2020, there were 762 people living in the town.
  • Calhan is included in both the Metropolitan Statistical Area that encompasses Colorado Springs, Colorado and the Front Range Urban Corridor.
  • The town extends along both sides of U.S. Highway 24.
  • In 1888, the Rock Island Line established Calhan as a water station, which led to the town’s founding.
  • Michael Calahan, who was in charge of laying railroad tracks from the state line between Colorado and Kansas to Colorado Springs, is honored with the naming of the community.
  • The El Paso County Fair is held in the town of Calhan on a yearly basis during the month of August.
  • Additionally, Calhan is home to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park, which is a well-known attraction for vacationers.
  • The Paint Mines are a collection of sandstone formations that came into being as a result of erosion that occurred over a period of millions of years.
  • The formations are vibrant and diverse, and they provide for an excellent place to hike, picnic, and investigate.
  • The town of Calhan may be small, but it has a large heart. The residents are kind and hospitable, and a robust feeling of community can be felt throughout the area.
  • Calhan is an excellent choice for a location to call home if you value serenity and tranquility above all else.

Additional information on Calhan can be found as follows:

  • Calhan is located at an elevation of 6,535 feet.
  • The closest significant city is Colorado Springs, which can be reached to the west in roughly half an hour.
  • The Colorado Springs Airport is approximately 45 minutes to the west of the location, making it the closest airport.
  • Garden of the Gods National Park is approximately thirty minutes’ drive to the west and is the closest national park to the area.