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3 Interesting Facts About Black Hawk Colorado
Black Hawk is a historic city located next to Central City. The longitude and latitude coordinates of this miniature town are -105.493301 and 39.797920 respectively.
There are lots of interesting facts about Black Hawk, Colorado. However, the ones we find the most interesting are:
• The Least Populous City
• Gambling Destination
• Controversial Bicycling Ban
Fact #1 (The Least Populous City)
2020 U.S. Census showed that the population of Black Hawk was 127, which effectively makes this city the least populous. Moreover, Census conducted in 2000 found that there were 28 families and 54 households in Black Hawk.
And, as far as the city’s racial makeup is concerned, white accounts for 84.75-percent, African American accounts for 3.39-percent, Native American takes up 0.85-percent, other races account for 5.93-percent, while the remaining 5.08-percent is made up of two or more races.
Another interesting fact about Black Hawk’s population is that no one lives below the poverty line. That being said, the 2000 Census noted that the average income for a family was $52,500 and for a household was $44,583
Also, did you know that, despite being the least populous city, Black Hawk receives around 20,000 visitors on a daily basis?
Fact #2 (Gambling Destination)
Black Hawk is best known for its casinos. Casinos in Central City and Black Hawk were opened in 1991. Black Hawk would later find itself in a heated competition with Central City over revenues generated by Casinos.
That being said, Black Hawk generated $623.2 million from its casinos in 2018. But the same year also saw Central City enjoy the largest revenue growth.
Casinos in Black Hawk started offering sports betting as of May 1, 2020. Today, there are over 12 casinos in this small city. What’s more, Black Hawk Colorado offers blackjack, video poker, slots, craps, and roulette.
Fact #3 (Controversial Bicycle Ban)
In 2010, bicycles were banned in most streets of Black Hawk Colorado. According to Black Hawk authorities, the surge in traffic (as a result of the change in maximum casino betting limits) is what led to the ban. You were to pay a fine of $68 were you to be found on the wrong side of this law.
Fortunately, in February 2013, the bicycling ban was overturned. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Black Hawk had failed to comply with the state traffic law.
Well, folks, those are the 3 interesting facts about Black Hawk Colorado. Although its population is shy of 150, Black Hawk is well known, with lots of people visiting it every day.


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