Suds, Buds and Tunes: Morrison Holiday Bar

There are a ton of reasons why people go to bars.  Some go to meet new people while others go to unwind with friends and listen to live music.  Whatever your reasons are for frequenting bars, there are more than a few reasons that should bring you to Morrison Holiday Bar during your Colorado vacation. … Read more

Relax and Unwind in Style at Flights Wine and Coffee Cafe

Bars aren’t for everyone.  Given, they are a place for people to meet and mix and mingle, but they don’t always fit the bill.  For those on their Colorado vacation that desire something a little more refined and cultural, there is the Flights Wine & Coffee Café.  Serving visitors and residents of Morrison with a … Read more

Living The Suite Life At Morrison’s Arrowhead Manor

Morrison is known for many things, such as their contributions to the archeological world and more famously as the home of the Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park.  These attractions alone bring many people to the town on their Colorado vacation.  For those looking to unwind in the “Nearest Faraway Place,” finding the right lodgings can … Read more

Morrison Restaurants: An Easy Denver Getaway

When you grow weary from the din of Front Range city life, head west to the foothills hamlet of Morrison, the fastest getaway destination from Denver. Nestled in the foothills less than 30 minutes from downtown, this historic railroad town is close enough to grab a bite for dinner, but so laid-back you’ll be tempted … Read more

The Fort: Old West Dining in Morrison

If you have always wanted to dine on rattlesnake meat, buffalo tongue, or other exotic game meats, the Fort is the place to go. Founded by the late Sam Arnold, this large upscale restaurant surrounded by two-foot adobe walls, is built as a replica of Bent’s Fort near LaJunta, Colorado. It offers many exotic specialties … Read more

Dinosaur Ridge: Footprints of Time

I’ve just walked through more than 50 million years of time in one afternoon. I’m not sure if it’s the remnants of a little boy’s fascination with dinosaurs or my present fascination with natural history, but the walk along Dinosaur Ridge was entirely captivating. The rock formations next to Alameda Parkway north of Morrison show … Read more

Dinosaur Ridge: Tracks to the Past

It’s hard to envision when looking at the Front Range of foothills, but millions of years ago those mountains were at the bottom of an inland sea, an area that is now rich with dinosaur fossils and other prehistoric features. Many species of dinosaurs and other wildlife used the corridor to travel north and south … Read more

Rocky Mountain Oysters: Try Them If You Dare

Everyone knows there are no oysters in the Rocky Mountains. The oysters we’re talking about, for better or worse, aren’t seafood at all — they’re the family jewels from that herd grazing next to Interstate 76, and they’re a tradition of sorts in Colorado, a novelty food hanging around from the days of vast cattle … Read more

Morrison Eateries: From Upscale to Down-Home Dining

The spotlight in Morrison shines most often on two restaurants: the Fort, an award-winning steak and game icon just south of town, and the Morrison Inn, a popular Mexican eatery known for its huge margaritas and fun outdoor patio. But these famous bookends are only part of the story. Whether you’re in town for a … Read more