Living The Suite Life At Morrison’s Arrowhead Manor

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Morrison is known for many things, such as their contributions to the archeological world and more famously as the home of the Red Rocks Amphitheater and Park.  These attractions alone bring many people to the town on their Colorado vacation.  For those looking to unwind in the “Nearest Faraway Place,” finding the right lodgings can turn a one-time trip into an annual occasion.  One such establishment that is sure to bring repeat visitors to Morrison is the newly constructed Arrowhead Manor: a palatial stone built bed and breakfast.

View From Arrowhead Manor
One of the fabulous views from Arrowhead Manor

Guest Rooms

As a town that was established by a builder and stonemason, Arrowhead Manor fits perfectly into the atmosphere of Morrison with its solid construction of travertine, granite, and marble.  The Manor offers its patrons breathtaking views of the mountains as well as plush and decadent rooms.  Arrowhead offers a number of different guest rooms and suites for Morrison vacationers to choose from.

While the guest rooms are smaller than the suites, each room presents its occupants with richly lavish décor and privacy with a warm inviting air. Each room comes with a number of modern amenities that are often absent from other bed and breakfasts. In the guest rooms, this includes a 32 inch flat panel HDTV with surround sound system, DirecTV with over 130 channels, free high speed internet access, access to a DVD library of over 400 movies and shows, travertine bathrooms, and more.

The manor doesn’t skimp on the furniture either.  Each room holds obscenely comfortable beds with luxurious linens and Victorian style hardwood furniture.  Arrowhead also has several private and shared decks with unparalleled views of the mountain scenery.

Lion's Den Suite
The Lion’s Den Suite at Morrison’s Arrowhead Manor

The Suites

While the regular guest rooms may be nice, it is with their suites that Arrowhead Manor sets itself apart from the rest of the bed and breakfasts in Morrison, and the country for that matter.  The suites are decidedly different from those that you would find in the Midwest and East Coast, places that are known for their quaint B&Bs.

The Manor has three suites available to patrons; the Evergreen, Master, and Lion’s Den suites.  Overnighters staying in the Evergreen suite are treated to a private deck with a view of the mountains and, as the name implies, the evergreen forests.

This suite also includes two queen-sized Innomax beds complete with luxurious paisley print linens.  One bed is located on the main level and the other in the loft area, which is available to those who opt to rent it.

Gas Fireplaces Arrowhead Manor
Suites at Arrowhead comes with a gas fireplace.

The Evergreen suite comes with a 42-inch flat panel HDTV with DVD/CD player and a home surround sound system much like the normal quest rooms. But, unlike the guest rooms, it has a private Jacuzzi-jetted tub room and a separate private bathroom with shower, complete with granite and marble countertops.

For those who travel with more than just carry-on luggage, the suite sports a full walk-in closet for guests to use.  Much like the Evergreen suite, the Master and Lion’s Den suites share many of the same amenities (TV, Jacuzzi-tub, walk-in closets, etc.).

Another characteristic that all the suites have in common is their warm golden and natural toned décor, showcasing the Manor’s choice of building materials of marble, granite, and richly deep woods.  Each suite also comes with a remote controlled gas fireplace for those looking to set a romantic atmosphere.  One major difference between the Evergreen and Master/Lion’s Den is that instead of two queen sized beds the Master/Lion’s Den each come with a single full king sized bed.

Whether you are planning a “Do It Big” trip to Red Rocks or a honeymoon getaway trip to Colorado, Arrowhead Manor can provide the perfect place to unwind and relax.

If You Go

The Arrowhead Manor is located at 9284 Us Highway 285  Morrison, CO 80465. For information and room availability go to their website: or call (303) 738-8454 or email [email protected]

For event listings at Red Rocks Amphitheater visit their site:

For information on the Morrison Natural History Museum visit their site: