Central City/Black Hawk: Rivals Then, Rivals Now

One hour west of Denver, the historic towns of Central City and Black Hawk still tell the story of Colorado’s roots. The Central City Mining District kicked off Colorado’s first gold rush. John Gregory discovered gold nuggets and flakes in Clear Creek and the event brought nearly 100,000 gold-hungry prospectors across the barren plains and … Read more

A Spirited Bunch: Central City’s Ghosts

A ghost hunter’s fantasy, Central City harbors bodiless souls around every corner and in many of its historic buildings. The town, founded in 1859 during the Gold Rush, has had its share of fires, floods, disease epidemics and harsh winters, resulting in plenty of untimely deaths. Tragic mining accidents and the inevitable violence of a … Read more

Central City Opera House: Something to Sing About

Central City, 35 miles west of Denver, may be known best to outsiders as a gambling town, but the casinos aren’t the only attractions. The Central City Opera House, built in 1878, offers a historic and cultural experience. Welsh and Cornish miners, who brought cultural heritages to the gold-mining town from their homelands, built the … Read more

Central City Restaurants: Everything From Fine Dining to Saloons

If you find yourself in Central City on your Colorado vacation, then you’re probably there for the casino scene.  With all the casino buffets around, it would seem that there is little room for restaurants in this small gambling town.  This presents a unique problem if you find yourself burned out on lukewarm chicken and … Read more

Hooper Homestead Guest Quarters: A Relaxing Retreat

Central City has a lot to offer, and trying to fit it all in can prove to be a bit hectic. If you need time to recharge your batteries with a bit of quiet time before you go out again to enjoy yourself, the Hooper Homestead Guest Quarters is the ideal place to stay. Quiet … Read more

Casino Royale in Central City

Way back in the late 1800s, Central City was given the moniker of “The Richest Square Mile on Earth” as a result of the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush.  To put it plainly, Central City really does have a gilded history.  As the gold seams dried up, the city found other ways to draw people in … Read more

Central City: Sample Opera in Small Bites

Opera is one of those things — those things you wish you knew more about but don’t. Some (I?) wish we knew more about our town’s sports team, or the latest episode of the hit show everyone talks about at the office each morning. I might wish I knew, but am not willing to put … Read more