Central City Restaurants: Everything From Fine Dining to Saloons

Central City Dining

If you find yourself in Central City on your Colorado vacation, then you’re probably there for the casino scene.  With all the casino buffets around, it would seem that there is little room for restaurants in this small gambling town.  This presents a unique problem if you find yourself burned out on lukewarm chicken and chewy day old beef.  Fortunately there are restaurants, bars, and saloons that can help break the unappetizing monotony of buffet food.

The Rouge & Face Bar

Since Central City is dominated by casinos, it can be hard to find something to eat that doesn’t come from a warming tray.  For those willing to venture away from the slot machines, there is the Rouge and Face Bar.  Located in the Tiller Building the Rouge offers its patrons a unique dining experience.

When dining upstairs visitors can expect fine dining entrées such as Chili Oil Seared Ahi Tuna with Green Papaya Salad and Star Anise Soy Reduction or Muscovy Duck Breast with Fingerling and Fava Bean Hash and Muscat Verjus.  The Rouge also supplies a selection of wines to accompany their entrées with a range that spans a number of Whites, Reds, and sparkling, which are available by the bottle or by the glass.

Millies Central City
Inside Millie’s in Central City

For a more casual dining experience patrons can head downstairs to the Face Bar.  Here bar goers will find more familiar dishes like their Classic Ruben and the Sliced NY Steak Sandwich.

Millie’s & Stella’s

Although many casinos in Central City have only buffets, the Easy Street Casino’s Millie’s breaks the trend.  This restaurant prides itself with the motto of “Always a tempting place to eat!”  Its menu reflects this sentiment with a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, and other comfort foods which rotate with the seasons.

On their Winter Menu, Central City vacationers can choose from a number of tempting sandwiches with corky names such as their Gunslinger Grilled Cheese and Chuck Wagon BLT.  If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, Millie’s is prepared to fill you up with dishes like their Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Fried Chicken, and their new Marcia’s Homemade Meatloaf.

If you’re looking for something a little more “on the fly,” then a visit to Millie’s sister café, Stella’s, at the Famous Bonanza Casino may be in order.  While the menu is limited compared to Millie’s, Stella’s still offers a number of options that will gas you up and have you feeling ready to hit the slots again.  These tasty treats include their Stellie-DELI Sandwich, made with roast beef or turkey, and their Prospector’s Chicken Sandwich.

Old Gold Coin Saloon
The Old Gold Coin Saloon

Stella’s also offers a smaller “Healthy Menu” for those not looking to load up on fried food goodness.  This menu provides the healthy minded with veggie wraps, garden salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and a seasonal homemade pasta salad.

The Old Gold Coin Saloon

When you’ve had your fill of food and are looking to relax with an evening cocktail, a visit to the Old Gold Coin Saloon is a must.  One of the most famous landmarks in all of Central City, vacationers can sit where generations of miners and famous gunmen, such as Doc Holiday and Billy the Kid, once rested.  This historic saloon is a must on your vacation to Central City!

If You Go

For more info on the Rouge and the Face Bar visit their website: http://www.ktrg.net/ktrouge/menu.html or call: (303) 582-0600.  Location: In the Teller House at 120 Eureka Street, Central City, CO 80427.

For more info on Millie’s, Stella’s, and the Old Gold Coin visit their site: http://famousbonanza.com/restaurants.htm or call: (Stella’s) (303) 582-5914.

Stella’s and the Old Gold Coin Saloon are located in the Easy Street Casino: 120 Main Street, Central City, CO.

Millie’s is located upstairs in the Famous Bonanza Casino: 107 Main Street, Central City, CO.

Evan Witt is an Illinois native with a degree in English Literature from Lake Forest College, and as a frequent visitor to Colorado, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and photography.