Tour the Town of Frisco

Tour the Town of Frisco 1

No matter where your travels bring you, no one would consider leaving without visiting the Main Street to get a feel of the area. This could be the reason that Frisco, CO is such a popular destination. Known as the Main Street of the Rockies, it’s a year round destination spot for Colorado residents and … Read more

The Gatherhouse-Glassblowing

The Gatherhouse-Glassblowing 2

It’s called Gatherhouse, after the glassblowing term of gathering, or collecting molten glass from the furnace. Here at this Frisco studio and gallery, the name seems to have a second meaning. Minutes ago I was helping stretch an orange and yellow gob of hot glass into 15-foot rod, no thicker than my little finger. Now … Read more

Summit County: Colorado’s Affordable Ski Destination

It can be expensive for a family to go skiing, especially in resort-rich Colorado. Kim and Ben Amiot know that all too well. Every winter the Columbia, Mo., couple journeys to the Colorado Rockies for a week of slopes and snow. Along with their two school-age daughters, they invite parents, step-parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and … Read more

Pre-Ski Fuel-Ups: Where to Chow Down

Pre-Ski Fuel-Ups: Where to Chow Down 4

If you want to tuck into a hearty breakfast to fuel a full day of skiing, look for the lines outside local restaurants in your favorite ski towns. They’re usually a good barometer of the food inside.Or ask a ski instructor – who also needs a good breakfast under his or her belt before beginning … Read more

Come For Winter And Stay For Summer At Frisco Hotels

Summit County is known as Colorado’s Playground.  There’s a saying in Summit County: “Come for winter and stay for summer.” Frisco, located in the heart of Summit County, has several lodging options to choose from when visiting during any season. As an avid skier myself, skiing is the first thing that comes to mind when … Read more

Fill Up in Frisco Colorado

Fill Up in Frisco Colorado 7

Whether you’re getting ready for a day of kayaking on the river or making your way from one of the many nearby ski resorts, you’ll need to keep yourself charged on your Colorado vacation.  It has been said that the brisk mountain air stimulates the appetite, and as such you should always know your options … Read more

The Town of Frisco Offers Mountains of Variety

The Town of Frisco Offers Mountains of Variety 10

Whether your Colorado travel plans fall in the winter or summer, you will find that the friendly community of Frisco provides plenty to see and do. Those who visit in the winter months enjoy tubing and skiing at nearby resorts, and the community always has plenty of snow. Frisco Adventure Park is one of the … Read more

Feel Free To Ski: Stay in Frisco

There are many reasons that one might find themselves in the mountain town of Frisco, Colorado.  This could be the result of a Colorado ski vacation, a passion for history, or because of a love for good ol’ fashioned BBQ.  Whatever the reason is, you’ll definitely need somewhere to lay your head at night in … Read more

Eric Zerowin: Roping Them In

Eric Zerowin: Roping Them In 16

Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Not even close. Climbing guide Eric Zerowin sets anchors high above the shores of Lake Dillon as his two guests absorb the views. The late-morning sun shines brightly in the blue sky, and it’s too early in the day for summer’s afternoon showers to begin rolling in. … Read more