Feel Free To Ski: Stay in Frisco

There are many reasons that one might find themselves in the mountain town of Frisco, Colorado.  This could be the result of a Colorado ski vacation, a passion for history, or because of a love for good ol’ fashioned BBQ.  Whatever the reason is, you’ll definitely need somewhere to lay your head at night in between all the different events and activities that the city has to offer both locals and visitors.  If there is one thing to be said about Frisco, it would have to be that there is something there for everyone.

One of the reasons you might find yourself vacationing in Frisco is for one simple reason: skiing.  For the avid skier, Frisco offers up a prime location to stay and is in proximity to other ski hotspots such as Breckenridge, Copper Mountain, Keystone, and A-Basin.

If skiing is what brought you out for your Colorado vacation, then there is one place you can check in where you can complete the experience. This is the Hotel Frisco Colorado, which was voted Best Lodging in Summit County, located at the center of the Main Street area.  Although it is called Hotel Frisco, it offers the warm, homey feeling of a ski lodge.

With origins that date back to the 1880s, Hotel Frisco maintains the traditional feel and atmosphere of what a true Colorado mountain ski lodge is meant to be.  The hotel offers a variety of different sized rooms that can accommodate almost anyone’s needs.  These rooms range from two bedroom suites complete with in-deck hot tubs and a common room, to large single bedrooms with a full kitchen and fireplace.

While some rooms are capable of sleeping up to 4 people, even the single bedrooms are equipped with queen sized beds fitting two, or enough for one to stretch out and unwind after a day of hitting the slopes!

One of the greater perks of this hotel is its access to the slopes, with the shuttle being less than 3 blocks away, perfect walking distance.  Another benefit to the Hotel Frisco is that it is also dog friendly, so you won’t need to leave a sad pooch at home while you go out for a Colorado ski vacation extravaganza.  It offers a friendly and warm atmosphere for those looking to experience a true ski trip in Colorado with the entire accoutrements one would find in a lodge–there’s even the ever-present stuffed moose head above the fireplace in the commons room!

Because of its location in the Main Street area, there are number of other activities, shops, and restaurants to sample from during your stay.  With events going on all year long, you can be sure there will never be a dull moment in between skiing and resting!

Some of these events include the Spontaneous Combustion community bonfire February 4th, and the Frisco Bay Marina Season Opener on June 2nd just to name a few.

If You Go

Frisco has events going on all year round.  If you don’t want to miss out, check the full listing of events at http://www.townoffrisco.com/events/

Info about Spontaneous Combustion at http://www.townoffrisco.com/events/spontaneous-combustion-2/. This event takes place at the Frisco Bay Marina at 902 East Main Street, Frisco, CO, United States, 80443. Phone: 1(800) 424-1554

For more info on the Frisco Marina Season Opener can be found at http://www.townoffrisco.com/events/frisco-bay-marina-season-opener/

For more information or to make reservations at Hotel Frisco: Phone: (970)-668-5009, (Toll Free) (800)-262-1002, Fax: (970)-668-0695, or email: [email protected]

Evan Witt is an Illinois native with a degree in English Literature from Lake Forest College, and as a frequent visitor to Colorado, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and photography.