Winter Park-Fraser Valley: On a Budget

Winter Park-Fraser Valley: On a Budget 1

Colorado ski towns are often known for high prices, especially during their winter primetime. But vacationing in a mountain getaway doesn’t have to break the budget. The Winter Park-Fraser Valley area, 90 minutes northwest of Denver and surrounded by the Arapaho National Forest, offers a lot of cold-weather fun for $20 or less. Snowshoeing and … Read more

High Altitude Vintners Bring Hand-Crafted Wines to Fraser

Many people are surprised to learn that Colorado is one of the top wine producing regions in the U.S., but a leisurely afternoon sampling local varietals at the Winter Park Winery will assure you that high altitude wines rank among the best that American vintners have to offer. According to the Colorado Wine Industry Development … Read more

Gardening: A Four-Letter Word

My wife grew up in Nebraska where the word “garden” is a verb and crops are produced in neat and tidy rows. Her mother had a backyard garden and the neighbors did, too, and they traded seasonal fruits and vegetables among themselves, much like folks have done since woman first sat down and gnawed on … Read more

Fraser Lodging for the Spontaneous Traveler

Any type of adventurer who hits the open road in Colorado faces decisions of whether to just keep on driving or to stick to the schedule. Open sunny skies, snow-capped mountains piercing fluffy white clouds, and the lure of yet unseen vistas beckon a spur-of-the-moment getaway. If you decide to follow the road you’re on … Read more

Dive into the Ditch for Fraser’s Newest Dining Experience

Dive into the Ditch for Fraser's Newest Dining Experience 2

One of the biggest bonuses of living along Colorado’s Front Range is the proximity to some of America’s most beautiful mountain recreation areas. Even if you live in the heart of busy Denver, relief from the hectic pace of city life is easily within reach. For many locals, the down-to-earth getaway vacation spots in the … Read more

Devil’s Thumb Ranch: A Devil of a Good Time

Located just over 10 minutes from downtown Fraser, CO is the beautifully enchanting Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Anything but demonic in nature, the year-round ranch is home to two restaurants, spa, and unbelievable accommodations for the ultimate Colorado getaway. Just west of Winter Park, the sprawling 6,000 acres of private wilderness is a virtual playground for … Read more

Grab a Bite to Eat While Enjoying Fraser

Grab a Bite to Eat While Enjoying Fraser 5

Fraser, Colorado vacations offer travelers the chance to enjoy a true western town located in a fertile river valley, where natural experiences await those traveling to the north central region of the state. From camping to exploring a forest and spending the day on a ranch, Fraser offers an opportunity to truly relax, unwind, and … Read more

Feeling Frisky? Have Some Fun in Fraser

With the nickname of “Icebox of the Nation,” one would wonder why you would visit Fraser, CO for your Colorado vacation.  While some might shun this city because its average temperature hangs precariously around 32° Fahrenheit, for others who enjoy frolicking in the snow or fun outdoor activities, it can provide a perfect epicenter for … Read more

Wily Wildlife: How Daniel Boone Got His First Coonskin Cap

Somehow it’s become entrenched in American cultural mythology that if life deals you a savage blow, you simply have to move to the mountains and your girlfriend comes back and your dog gets more handsome. The fact of the matter is that life above 9,000 feet in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains isn’t always that elegant. Take … Read more

On Mountain Time: Slowing Down in the Fraser River Valley

On Mountain Time: Slowing Down in the Fraser River Valley 10

I’ve driven this road a hundred times, but it doesn’t matter. I still strain my neck trying to take in the scenic view as my car climbs the foothills out of Denver and heads into the heart of the Rockies. I rise above the city, now just a tiny speck in my rearview mirror, and … Read more