Why Choose to Ski in Colorado?

Why Choose to Ski in Colorado? 1

If you want to swap the sun for snow this vacation, then Colorado is the destination for you. Our beautiful snow-capped mountains offer some of the best alpine scenery this side of the Atlantic. Even more, the quality of Colorado’s snow is incomparable with European resorts. Spanish or French ski slopes are typically covered with hard ice in the mornings, making it very difficult to perform turns and get grip. By lunchtime, the sun has melted the ice into a slushy mess, which slows you down and is also difficult to turn in. Colorado’s dry climate creates snow that is soft and light all day long.

Colorado has ski resorts to cater to every taste and ability, from gentle slopes for beginners to slopes that only the most daring and skilled should ski. But no matter what resort you choose, there is nothing better than taking a hot bath, having a hot chocolate or even playing party poker in your cabin, while telling your friends on Facebook about your vacation so far.

And with Colorado’s elevation, it’s always a good idea to relax and take it easy during the first days of your visit. Keep in mind that the higher altitude makes you feel the effects of your alcoholic beverage much more.

After an evening of relaxation at a Colorado ski resort, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes for more fun tomorrow.

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