Things to Do in the Winter in Colorado

If you are a skier, then winter will bring you a little piece of heaven. It will be your paradise in Colorado. The winter air, the new-fallen snow, and mountains covered with a heavy snowpack. – what more can you want? Here are things to do in the winter in Colorado.

Things to Do in the Winter in Colorado: Skiing

Naturally, one of the things to do in Colorado is to go skiing. The state may offer the best skiing in the country. The more than 28 ski and snowboard resorts offer skiing to all levels. The vast number of acres you have on which to ski, the hidden gems only you know about, the resorts offering reasonable lift lines deliver the ultimate in skiing and snowboarding.

Other snow lovers look forward to strapping on a pair of snowshoes and enjoying some fantastic cross-country skiing. There are so many backcountry trails that lead to the stunning stands of aspen and evergreen trees along with the chirping birds and a pure quietness you cannot find anywhere else. If you prefer a more gentle version of snowshoeing, this is a great way to explore the different winter areas without falling on your face. It is really an easy sport to pick up, and you might look at it as a winter version of hiking. Most any place you can hike, you can snowshoe.

Winter is the time to haul your snowmobile out of storage and prepare for another winter full of adventures. Your snowmobile allows you the excitement of a high-speed ride while also enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere. Coloradan snowmobilers have learned why this sport is so popular on the state’s thousands of miles of trails.

Cozying Up in Front of a Winter Fire is Great!

Another exciting adventure is to select a town you would like to visit. In the winter, there is a snow town for everyone. It can be so relaxing and enjoyable sitting inside a cabin, enjoying the warmth of the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and looking out the windows at the snow-covered mountains. When your family wants to go outside, you can hike through the snow and have a snowball fight. If you brought your toboggan or even an innertube, you can enjoy a ride down a hill. You will find cabin rentals in almost any area you choose to visit.

Many of the areas in Colorado also offer indoor and outdoor ice-skating rinks. You can bring your own skates or rent them from a local vendor. With the new learn-to-skate stabilizers, you will keep your falls to a minimum. Ice skating is a fantastic family activity. Imagine being in an outdoor rink with the sun-soaked winter skies looking down on you as you look at the majestic mountain views, people skating all around you, and your feeling of success as you spin your final figure eight. Ice-skating is a classic winter pass time for you and your family to enjoy.

Those looking for a real adventure might want to go dogsledding. Yes, even in Colorado, there are huskies ready to get out and run. One great place to go dogsledding is Alpine Adventures. This is a rescue facility for sled dogs. All you need to do is hop in a sleigh. You and your guests can take turns mushing and riding through the mountains. Most tours offer an hour or an hour and a half tours that can accommodate up to six guests. It allows your friends to trade-off places among running the dogs, riding in the dogsled, and riding on a small passenger sleigh next to your guide.

Ski Biking, Ice Climbing, Ice Bumper Cars Offer Great Fun!

If you have some extra energy, you might want to try your luck at ski biking. A ski bike is one outfitted with three ski blades. It offers a great way to push through the snow. You get a mixed feeling of biking, skiing, hockey, and ice-skating. If you feel uncertain, some areas offer lessons. Most of these places suggest you have the ability to ski as you can be thrown off fairly easily.

Colorado is considered to be the ice climbing capital of the world. The best place to learn the sport is at an ice park. This is a human-made wall within a natural gorge. Those considered as “ice farmers” spray canyon walls with 250 sprinklers resulting in more than 150 climbs. You can climb in the park for free, although gear and lessons come at a fee from outside operators.

Have you ever heard of “ice bumper cars?” They were invented in Colorado. This fairly new sport involves inflatable tubes on wheels and the different “drivers” ram into each other. If you want to try this quirky attraction, it is available at the Howelsen Ice Arena in Steamboat Springs or the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Aurora. These entertaining bumpers are also called “smiling machines,” as they offer so much fun.

Colorado offers a plethora of winter sports, and there is plenty to do in the winter in Colorado. There are attractions available for all skill and age levels. You just need to find out what your favorite is and then get out and enjoy it!