The Golden Diner: Morning People Welcome

When the whole family is out exploring in Golden, Colorado, there is always something exciting to do next. When you are trying to not to miss any of the historic attractions, you don’t want to waste a lot of time lingering over a large meal. It is beautiful family days like these that make me happy that I discovered The Golden Diner. I know that everyone will be able to find something on the menu that they will enjoy, and we can discuss what we’ve seen and anticipate our next stop and we nourish ourselves with good food.

Please Everyone with Brunch

With Buffalo Bill’s Gravesite at the Buffalo Bill Museum waiting for us at Lookout Mountain, our group decided to stop for a quick lunch and started discussing the options for dining in Golden. We’re not usually picky eaters, but on this day, excitement ran high. An argument was going to break out if I didn’t think of a place that would provide us with a wide variety of items that included both lunch and breakfast. What better place than an old fashioned diner for a quick and casual family type of meal?

The Golden Diner on 12th and Jackson

The Golden Diner is located right in the heart of downtown Golden, off of Washington Avenue on 12th Street. That means we didn’t have to go out of our way to grab a quick meal, and we were all in agreement as we pulled in. There was about a ten minute wait for the table, but that’s to be expected at a busy diner with good food. It gave us time to freshen up a bit and look over the menu so that we could place our orders as soon as we were seated.

The pancakes were a big hit, and I mean big. The plate-size flapjacks with blueberry that were set in front of the little ones made their eyes grow huge, but they were all up to the task, and the plates were soon clean. The waffles were fluffy and delightful, but the adults chose to order things that were not quite as sticky.

As we drove away from Lookout Mountain, the kids were begging to stop again at The Golden Diner for dinner. It seems like there was some conflict over whether or not the blueberry pancakes were better than the homemade waffles.

I would have been all for stopping at the diner again, since I had chosen to have the Breakfast Burrito that morning, bypassing my usual favorite, Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs. The burrito was good, but when you have to choose between two favorites, you often wonder if you made the right choice. Unfortunately, my chicken fried steak would have to wait until we were in the area again, because our new favorite spot for dining in Golden, the Golden Diner, only stays open until 2 in the afternoon.

If You Go

The Golden Diner
700 12th St.
Golden, Colorado 80401

Open for breakfast and lunch, the Golden Diner hours are from 6am to 2pm Monday through Saturday, and 7am to 2pm on Sundays. Daily specials are available in addition to favorites, like the hash browns and milkshakes, at this locally owned diner.