The Best Summer Activities in Colorado

Summer activities in Colorado will offer you and your family all the beauty, adventure, and excitement you want. To start planning for your time away, you might first buy a “GetOutPass Colorado.” This pass can be purchased online and save you more than $3,000 in free admissions. It includes such sites as Water World, Monarch Mountain, Lakeside Amusement Park, and Castle Rock Adventure Park, to name a few.

There are three great parks to offer you a lot of excitement. These include Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature. Rocky Mountain National Park is located about 76 miles northwest of Denver. The eastern and western slopes of the Continental Divide fall through the center of the park. You will appreciate the mountains, alpine lakes, and an abundance of wildlife wandering about in the wooded forests and mountain tundra. 

Mesa Verde National Park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado. It is near the Four Corners in the American Southwest and covers 52,485 acres. More than 600 cliff dwellings contribute to make it the most significant archaeological preserve in America.  Cliff Palace, one of the best-known structures, is thought to be North America’s most massive cliff dwelling.

Another of the great summer activities in Colorado to enjoy is the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center. It provides fantastic scenery and great hiking trails. The main entrance is at 1805 N. 30th St. Colorado Springs, admission is free. The 25th anniversary of service to the park is being celebrated this year. The celebration provides many unique programs and events. These include top naturalists, historians, interpreters, and an exciting array of inspiring adventures, presentations, walks, and hikes throughout the year.

Rock Formations and Sand Dunes

Another of the summer activities in Colorado is Red Rocks Amphitheatre, located 15 miles outside of Denver. The rock formations are awe-inspiring. It is believed they were used before the era of the westward expansion by the Ute tribe. The compositions provide for nearly perfect acoustics for live music performances – bands and artists often perform on a rock stage. An extensive selection of entertainers performs here, ranging from rock bands to opera singers. It is one of the most picturesque performing venues in the world.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, located in southern Colorado, consists of sandy dunes covering the land. The beautiful vistas often look like vast deserts. Star Dune is the largest, and it towers over all the others. If you are up for it, you will want to get on a trail and start hiking. You will hike through forests and wetlands that surround the dunes. If you want to catch some trout for dinner, try fishing at Medano Lake which is just one of several alpine lakes found here. Sand dunes may not sound exciting; however, you can be assured there is something here for every member of your family to enjoy during your summer activities in Colorado.

Antonito provides another great treat. Here you can board the Toltec Scenic Railroad. It will take you to Chama, New Mexico, for a total ride of 64 miles. It is not often you can take a trip back in time on an old fashioned, narrow-gauge heritage railroad while enjoying the countryside as you travel through the area. You can ride in a coach seat or book a first-class parlor car to go in this historic-steam powered engine. How can your summer activities in Colorado be complete without a historic train ride?

The Colorado Trails

Most everyone has heard of The Colorado Trails, which cover more than 500 miles in the state. There are numerous hiking trails for beginners to advanced hikers. You can experience the trails for a couple of hours or plan an entire day of hiking. Once you cross the Rockies, you will discover the many lakes, creeks, and mountain ranges. Your summer activities in Colorado will not be complete without a climb up Coney Summit, which is 13,334 feet above sea level. You can also experience a horseback ride or rent a mountain bike for the day. You could encounter the old mining towns as well as the ancient Indian trails. The Colorado Trail will offer you an adventure you will never forget.

If you want to witness a geological wonder and an incredible display of natural history, you need to go to Hanging Lake. It is located at Glenwood Canyon.  The lake is suspended almost at the end of the cliffs. To fully enjoy the beauty, you will need to take a little climb upwards and forget about how steep it is. The sparkling turquoise waters and refreshing waterfalls feed into the lake. Although the pool of water is tempting to jump in for a swim, you need to refrain from doing so as this is home to a delicate ecosystem. It is maintained by refraining from swimming or even splashing in the water. You will understand, once you see it, that you are helping to preserve a magnificent environment. Instead, take a picnic lunch and enjoy the beauty it has to offer, including the naturally hanging plant gardens and the tranquility the lake provides.

Remember Buffalo Bill? Colorado played a significant role in the westward expansion. There was a massive boom during the mining days. It did not take long for the railroads to start building their rails here. Folklore seemed to be created overnight to entertain the generations to follow – one character included Buffalo Bill. He gained a tremendous amount of fame during his buffalo-hunting days. This was followed by his operation of a Wild West Show. Entertainers such as Annie Oakley and Sitting Bull performed at his venue. The old buffalo hunter died here at Lookout Mountain. Your summer activities in Colorado will hopefully include a visit to Buffalo Bill’s Museum, which was later created in his honor. You can see his firearms along with Native American artifacts. Go inside and take a few steps back in history. 

Summer activities in Colorado are endless. Besides all of the sites mentioned, you can also enjoy zip lining, canoeing, white river rafting, art and cultural events, amusement parks, water slides, and many other things you need to explore to discover for yourself.