5 Fun Facts About Colorado

When many people think about Colorado, they imagine the beauty the state has to offer. It includes the magnificent Rocky Mountains, the majestic lakes and streams, and the enchanting forests. However, there are so many interesting facts and adventures Colorado has to offer. Here are 5 of our favorite fun facts about Colorado!

1. Colorado was where the cheeseburger was invented

One of these interesting facts is that a gentleman named Louis Ballast of Denver was awarded a trademark in 1935 for inventing the “cheeseburger.” You will find proof of this at the Humpty Dumpty Barrel, where it is written in stone. The Humpty Dumpty was also the first drive-in restaurant within the entire state.

2. You can find dinosaur bones still embedded in rock walls

An exciting adventure can be found at the Dinosaur National Monument, located in the state’s northwest. This incredible area still has dinosaur remains embedded in exposed rock walls. It is pure evidence that the giants made this their home many years earlier. It is surrounded by cliff walls and the Green and Yampa Rivers that snake through the desert landscape.

When you arrive, you should first stop by the Quarry Visitors Center. It will help you to access the main attraction at the park, the Quarry Exhibit Hall. The hall was built over the Carnegie Dinosaur Quarry. The enormous wall of windows, which lets in the natural light, provides the area with a special mood. The fossils are in different states ranging from those still encased in the stone wall to other fully assembled skeletons. If you are interested in the dinosaur era, you will want to plan some time to see everything there is to view.

3. Colorado’s name actually means “colored red”

Do you know where Colorado received its name? It comes from the Spanish language, and it means “colored red.” The early explorers from Spain came up with this name after viewing the reddish silt in the river known as the Rio Colorado. By 1861 the United States used the name of Colorado, which referred to the entire territory.

The state was admitted to the Union in August 1876 as the 38th state. Today it totals 104,185 square miles. The Arikaree River is the lowest point at 3,315 feet while Elbert, standing at 14,433 feet, is the highest. If you have ever wondered why it is called the centennial state, it is because Colorado joined the Union 100 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

4. Denver has more to offer than you’d think

Denver is probably the best-known city in the state. It has a nickname, “The Mile- High City.” This is because its official elevation is one mile above sea level (5280 feet). Not only is it the capital of the state, but it is also the largest city. In years gone by, it was an important site of the famous gold rush. Today it is a thriving tourist destination.

Many people are not aware that it offers a sunny climate. It has more annual hours of sunshine than Miami Beach. However, unlike those Florida locations, the Denver weather can suddenly change and become very cold.

It has become known as an “upscale” city offering the finest in cuisine, shopping, and a downtown area that is one of a kind. While it is at a one-mile elevation, it is not a mountain town or city. You will naturally notice mountains on the horizon. While there is great beauty outside, there is also a lot of attraction indoors. For example, take your time to visit the impressive Downtown Aquarium. This entertainment and dining complex offers a massive aquarium with more than a million gallons of saltwater. You will see more than 500 species of beautiful fish from the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

A big “no-no” in Denver is littering. If you are caught littering, it is most likely a local will see you and a fine will probably be involved. Denver residents want their city to be free of litter, and they maintain communications through a website. Once they catch you, you will probably be posted and featured! Denver is also a very bike-friendly city with 82 bike rental stations. You can rent a bike in one station and return it to another. You will find beautifully laid out bike lanes, bike paths, and bike trails for the off roader.

5. It’s southwest corner borders 3 other states, the only spot in the U.S that does so

Aside from all of the intriguing facts about Colorado, perhaps the most interesting of them is that if you visit the southwest corner of the state, you will learn it borders with three others: Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. It is the only place in the United States where the corners of four states all meet in one place. Visiting the Four Corners Monument can be an exciting and unique experience.

Conclusion to Fun Facts About Colorado

Colorado is full of beauty, adventure, excitement, and enough activity to cover you the year-round. It is the state that needs to be added to your bucket list. However, it will cause you one issue: after returning home from your first visit, you will want to return time and time again. And you will!