Take The Best 3 Hour Drive From Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs

fort collins to steamboat springs

Driving From Fort Collins To Steamboat Springs Along The Cache la Poudre River The last car passed 30 minutes ago. Since then the only life along this lonely length of highway has been four-legged or feathered. Even the radio offers nothing but crackling static. In this high chaparral landscape more suggestive of Outer Mongolia than … Read more

Ski Vacations, Colorado Style: The Lodge at Vail

Ski Vacations, Colorado Style: The Lodge at Vail 1

For all of my Colorado-born life, skiing has meant several things: Getting up early, throwing the skis in the car, fighting the Interstate 70 traffic and then schlepping same skis from the car to the slopes. Skiing, in general, meant a lot of work. Of course, it was always worth it — powdery white snow, … Read more

Defending Denver: An Omelet of Opportunities

Defending Denver: An Omelet of Opportunities 2

At an out-of-town business dinner, I shared a table with New York- and Toronto-based associates. Between salad and salmon, we discussed hometowns. Denver is probably a pleasant place to live, my companions conceded. But there’s little there for a tourist. The good stuff, they claimed, is all in the mountains. Choking on my chardonnay, I … Read more

On Track to Silverton: Snaking Through Colorado’s San Juan Mountains

Slowing to a motion-numbing 8 miles per hour, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train creeps along a narrow ledge. Cliffs tower on one side, plummet down the other. The Animas River surges 400 feet below. White froth caps its turbulent, beryl-green current. As we round a broad curve, the black, coal-belching locomotive chugs … Read more

Green Machines: Air-Friendly Ways to Get Around Denver

Protecting Denver’s air quality is a priority for government officials, who have come up with some creative ways to help Denver’s “brown cloud,” which is caused mostly from motor vehicles. Denver is more prone to the pollution because of its thinner air and its location in a valley. Here are some ways you can take … Read more