Springtime in Telluride: Head Outdoors

Spring is in the air and with the blooming alpine flora and fauna of Telluride, it’s time to head outside. With seemingly limitless options for outdoor activities in this spectacular mountain region, Telluride has something for everyone in the great Colorado outdoors. Ride with Roudy Viewing the breathtaking mountain vistas of the Wilson Range via … Read more

Bohemian Spirit Thrives in Telluride’s Best Hotels

If you’re booking a Telluride hotel or condo, be warned: you’re about to escape the trappings of civilization. Everything about a Telluride vacation is out of the ordinary. Here among the 13,000 foot peaks of the San Juan Mountains, you won’t find generic chain hotels or gas stations, and your eyes won’t be assaulted with … Read more

A Cosmopolitan Choice for Dining in Telluride

After a day of exploring Colorado, the last thing I want is to have to prepare a meal when I get home. Luckily, there are so many great Telluride dining options to choose from that there is always a good reason to end the day with a delightful meal before I head home. Even though … Read more

Summer in Telluride: 5 Ways to Play

Snow. Winter. Skiing. These are some of the best reasons to live in Colorado. But summer in the Colorado Rockies is even more magical. We have those few short weeks when we can don our shorts, savor the warm summer sun on our shoulders and play in the mountains to our hearts’ content. And one … Read more

Top Places to Stay in Telluride: From Big Bucks to Budget

If you’re looking for a mountain escape, try Telluride in the southwestern corner of Colorado, nestled in the beauty of the San Juan Mountains. Whether you’re drawn for the hiking, festivals, skiing, shopping or dining in the historic town of Telluride or nearby Mountain Village, there’s enough to keep you busy for days – or … Read more

A Night Out in Telluride: Town Delivers More Than Expected

There was no question his birthday would be spent in Telluride this year. Our longtime friend Maguire had recently moved to the area and nothing could have kept Chad, my gracefully aging betrothed, from celebrating his birth in this Southwestern Colorado town. So, we collected our friend Heather and drove the five hours from Denver … Read more