Everything You Need To Know About Palisade Peaches

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Palisade Peaches in Colorado: A Brief History and Guide to Enjoying this Iconic Fruit Palisade Peaches are a Colorado icon, famous for their delicious flavor and juicy texture. For over a century, these peaches have been grown in the small town of Palisade, Colorado, and have become a beloved fruit throughout the state and beyond. … Read more

Eating Your Way Through Paradise in Palisade

When sunny, warm days dawn on Western Colorado’s Grand Valley region, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy endless recreation options for basking in another glorious afternoon. Anyone who loves the outdoors has their pick of activities, from rugged rafting excursions along the Colorado River to sublime bike rides through Palisade’s wine country. However, one of the best ways … Read more

The Wine Country Inn Makes It Easy to Enjoy Colorado Vineyards

If you expect a Palisade, Colorado travel experience to be on your radar soon, you may want to plan around one of the community’s regular festivals. These bring more entertainment opportunities to the region, and give you a chance to see some of the produce and wines at their best. The Spring Festival in late … Read more

Opt for a Cozy Bed and Breakfast in Palisade

If you love wine and would relish the opportunity to taste some directly from the vineyard, then Palisade, Colorado vacations are the right option for you. The beautiful vineyards in this part of Colorado have some the best wines in the Rockies, and you can taste them directly from the winery during your stay. In … Read more

The Mariner Family Farm: A Unique Retreat in Palisade

Palisade, Colorado, is known as the peach and wine capital of the state. Here you can sample some of the freshest produce in Colorado while traveling through beautiful vineyards with the mountains as their backdrop. Add to this the friendliness of a small town community that truly loves its regular visitors and you have the … Read more

Pull Up A Chair at Palisade Restaurants

Known as the Peach Capital of Colorado as well as for their local wine vineyards, Palisade is a town that prides itself on locally grown produce and their ideology of making everything from scratch.  With this unique combination of traits, Palisade makes a name for itself in the food world.  While the town itself only … Read more

If Not Peaches, Pairs: Barrel into Spring in Palisade

In Palisade, Colorado’s premier fruit and wine country in the Grand Valley out west, high season is harvest season. The buzz begins in late June, starting with sweet cherries, followed by sour cherries in late July. Apricots are up next, and finally Palisade’s famous tree-ripened peaches appear on the scene in early August. Plums and pluots join … Read more

The Sweet Smell of Summer: Colorado Lavender Festival

Colorado’s warm sunny days and cool summer nights are the perfect combination when it comes to growing peaches, apples, grapes — and lavender. The climate in the Grand Junction area provides excellent conditions for farming the fragrant herb, according to the Lavender Association of Western Colorado. English lavender and lavandin grow particularly well on Colorado’s … Read more

Aloha Organic Fruit: A Peach of a Place

Steven Sherer and his wife Pat moved to Colorado’s Western Slope from Hawaii in 2008 with the intention of buying a small acreage in the Palisade area so they could have a few horses. Instead, they bought a peach orchard, and now operate a nine-acre orchard with 3,600 trees. Palisade, with its favorable 182-day growing … Read more

Colorado Scenic Byways: Grand Mesa

In western Colorado, the Grand Mesa towers more than a mile above the landscape. Aspens paint thick dark forests with streaks of gold, while some 300 lakes mirror the changing sky. The Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway climbs up and over this massive plateau, cresting at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet. The … Read more