Ouray: China Clipper Inn Bed And Breakfast

China Clipper Inn Bed And Breakfast

China Clipper Inn Bed & Breakfast is a unique lodging experience located in the charming town of Ouray, Colorado. This Victorian-style inn is situated in the heart of the town and offers guests a cozy and comfortable retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The inn was built in 1904 and has been … Read more

Scenic Byway: Alpine Loop

In the heart of the San Juan Mountains, the Alpine Loop Scenic and Historic Byway traverses sweeping tundra landscapes and crests two alpine passes. Tiny, fragile flowers hug sheer slopes tinged with cinnamon and saffron hues. On lower elevations, creeks gurgle through forested canyons. The 63-mile backcountry route connects Lake City with Silverton and Ouray. … Read more

Soak & Stay: Hot Springs Lodging in Ouray

In the steep mountains of Colorado’s southwest, plan an overnight stay in Ouray. Known as the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray and its alpine views will give you the chills (as will the low nightly temperatures). Warm up in Ouray’s natural hot springs. You can relax in the town’s public hot springs pools, or indulge in … Read more

Winter in Ouray

Ouray may not have its own ski area, but when it comes to winter sports, there is plenty to keep you busy. This hamlet in southwestern Colorado enjoys an envious location in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. The town sits at 7,700 feet, and is surrounded by peaks that soar another 5,000 feet. … Read more

Full-Moon Snowshoeing

I love snowshoeing. I love the sound of nothing but aluminum crampons crunching over a packed trail, and, even better, the thumping of 25-inch tails on fresh powder. I love the solitude; the cold, high-mountain winter air and the reward of blazing new trail that I know others will follow. It wasn’t until I started … Read more

In Hot Water: Mother Nature’s Hot Springs

No matter the season, slipping into natural hot springs is a relaxing, rejuvenating way to while away the hours. Heated by the planet’s interior, water bubbles up through cracks and fissures, typically gathering a load of minerals along the way. When the water finds its way at the surface, it’s Mother Nature’s hot tub. For … Read more

Head to Ouray in Southwest Colorado for Outdoor Adventures

Ouray is the Colorado town for the outdoor enthusiast, no matter what your level of physical activity is. High in the rugged Rocky Mountains, the tiny town of 800 offers hospitality to the visitors who have been lucky enough to discover the secrets the tiny town and surrounding area protect. Box Canyon Waterfall With thousands … Read more

Never A Dull Moment Dining in Ouray

In its own majestic corner of the world, Ouray Colorado has a special magic about it. The quaint town in southwestern Colorado offers fantastic year-round outdoor activities, luxury lodging, and wonderful dining. While some establishments are open year-round and others only seasonally, there is something for everyone’s tastes in Ouray. Ouray Brewery For a state … Read more

Discover Luxury at the Historic Beaumont Hotel and Spa in Ouray

Nestled in a picturesque valley in Southwestern Colorado, Ouray feels as if you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. Nicknamed the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray has a quiet and majestic charm that can be felt throughout its history. With waterfalls cascading into the city, nearby steaming hot springs, babbling brooks echoing off the surrounding mountains, and … Read more

R&R in Ouray: Chart a Course for the China Clipper Inn

When it comes to deciding the most gorgeous mountain setting in Southwestern Colorado, it might end up with a coin toss to see whether Ouray or Telluride would win. If the locals have anything to say about it, the coin lands on the side of Ouray, which has earned the nickname “Switzerland of America.” And, … Read more