National Repertory Orchestra: Making Music in Breckenridge

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When Indiana University music major David Waldman heard that his 10-minute private violin audition won him a spot in the National Repertory Orchestra, the first thing he thought was that he wouldn’t have to go home and look for a summer job. The gig would put him in the Colorado mountains for the summer, and … Read more

Face the Music: Vocal Band Hits the Right Note

Face the Music: Vocal Band Hits the Right Note When you see the all-vocal rock band Face, your first job is to lose all preconceptions of a cappella music. Forget old-time gospel-hour tunes. Ix-nay on boat hats, candy-striped shirts and suspenders. In fact, if you check out the singers’ website to form an expectation, you … Read more

Five Boulder Attractions You Can Enjoy for Free

 Boulder, Colorado vacations in the summer provide a wide mix of things to do, many of which center on the outdoors. With weather at its best in the summer months, you can spend much of your time exploring this beautiful community and the nature that surrounds it, all without paying a single cent. And, on … Read more

Fun in the Sun in FoCo

School is out and the weather is warming up, that means one thing: Summer is coming.  As with every summer that rolls around, people are looking to get outdoors and enjoy the sun and some fun.  Being a college town, Fort Collins doesn’t disappoint.  Whether you’re a resident or visiting on your Colorado vacation there … Read more

Art and Culture Come Alive in Denver in June

Are you planning to visit Denver, Colorado at the beginning of the summer? If you are, you may want to check out some of the festivals and events that occur in June in the Mile High City. From events highlighting the culture of the people who make up Denver’s diverse population to celebrations of art … Read more

Suds, Buds and Tunes: Morrison Holiday Bar

There are a ton of reasons why people go to bars.  Some go to meet new people while others go to unwind with friends and listen to live music.  Whatever your reasons are for frequenting bars, there are more than a few reasons that should bring you to Morrison Holiday Bar during your Colorado vacation. … Read more

Races, Music, and BBQ in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek, Colorado may be one of your favorite destinations for skiing, but as spring turns to summer, other family activities are being planned. As luck would have it, activities in Beaver Creek have something to offer the entire family throughout the year, from cultural events to the physically challenging experience that will keep you … Read more

Follow the Music: Check Out Denver’s Music Scene

Ludwig van Beethoven once said that “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.  Music is the electrical soil in which the soul lives, thinks, and invents.”  If we take Beethoven’s words to be true, then one could say there is plenty of soil for fans of music to plant their roots in … Read more

Shed Some Light on Your Holiday at the Botanic Gardens

The Blossoms of Light is a holiday tradition at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and this year, I got to be a part of the lighting of the lights. Even if you have been to the Botanic Gardens during the summer, or even during the day at any time of year, the grounds look completely different … Read more

St. Julien: A Luxury Hotel Forging Its Own Responsible Path

“Environmental Preservation” and “Cruelty Conscious” are not often associated with the luxury hotel industry–a commerce that is notorious for using billions of gallons of water washing towels and serving delicacies of veal and lobster in the opulent restaurants around the world. St Julien of Boulder breaks the mold and surpasses even Boulder standards of being … Read more