Littleton, Colorado: More Than a Denver Suburb

Littleton, Colorado: More Than a Denver Suburb 1

Once upon a time, there was a little town southwest of Denver that served as the hub for a farming community. Founded by an entrepreneurial surveyor named Richard Little, he named it for himself: Littleton. The town grew. Denver grew. Eventually they merged – physically, anyway. But Littleton has retained its own unique personality despite … Read more

Make a Day of It Outside at Roxborough Park

You don’t have to travel far from Denver to experience the adventures that the Rockies have to offer. Red rock formations, mountain peaks and wildlife can all be enjoyed at Roxborough State Park. A leisurely stroll down a hiking trail can reward the visitor with the meeting of mule deer or a fox. Less frequently, … Read more

Oink, Oink: Life On the Farm

Oink, Oink: Life On the Farm 3

“Mom! Come quick!” my 10-year old shrieks as we round the bend toward the barn at the Littleton Historical Museum. She has run ahead to see which animals are out this afternoon, and she hasn’t been disappointed. We are greeted by a group of tiny, fuzzy baby lambs, prancing and cavorting in the sun. We … Read more

Carson Nature Center: Canoeing, Camping and Climbing

Carson Nature Center: Canoeing, Camping and Climbing 5

With 878 acres of open space along the South Platte River, the park offers children and adults the opportunity to experience activities such as hiking, mountain biking and canoeing, as well as the chance to see over 300 species of wildlife. Fishing is also popular in the park’s five lakes and the 2.5-mile stretch of … Read more

Don Ferris: Fixated on Fixtures

For some people, the word jig conjures images of pubs on St. Patrick’s Day — guys drunk on green beer and dancing to Irish folk songs. To bike aficionados, it’s an integral frame building tool. But to Don Ferris, self-proclaimed geek and owner of Littleton’s Anvil Bikeworks, “a jig sounds like something made out of … Read more