The Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, Colorado: Where Joy Takes a Spin

Carousel of Happiness

The Carousel of Happiness is a unique and whimsical attraction located in the charming mountain town of Nederland, Colorado. It’s a delightful and enchanting place that combines art, music, and playfulness. Here’s everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind carousel: 1. Creation and Inspiration: The Carousel of Happiness was created by Scott Harrison, a … Read more

Gardening: A Four-Letter Word

My wife grew up in Nebraska where the word “garden” is a verb and crops are produced in neat and tidy rows. Her mother had a backyard garden and the neighbors did, too, and they traded seasonal fruits and vegetables among themselves, much like folks have done since woman first sat down and gnawed on … Read more

Kids in the Kitchen: At Copper Mountain Pizzeria

This uncooked pizza clearly resembles the Rocky Mountains: Mounds of cheese jut from the 18-inch crust. Their giggling creators grab more of the shredded mozzarella by the fist full and drop it like avalanches on pepperoni slices and mini meatballs. Green stuff is conspicuously missing here. Spinach, peppers and broccoli are definitely not my kids’ … Read more

Cultural Hub: Pueblo Arts Center Draws Families

Visitors to Pueblo don’t usually put cultural pursuits high on their list of activities, so those who discover the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center and Buell Children’s Museum are in for a treat. This expansive facility hosts a variety of cultural and artistic activities, and is a thriving part of the community.. The center opened … Read more

Boulder Farmers’ Market: Fresh and Locally Grown

Every Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon, beginning in the spring, the Boulder Farmers’ Market transforms 13th Street in downtown Boulder into a vibrant open-air marketplace. The market brings friends and neighbors together to browse through heaping baskets of rainbow chard, mounds of deep red, gold and purple beets, piles of vine-ripened tomatoes, and now, in … Read more

Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion: An Enchanting World

Butterflies are born free and float gracefully in the Butterfly Pavilion at 6252 W. 104th Ave. in Westminster, Colorado. In my childhood, I chased butterflies and caught them with a net if I was lucky. Now, all I need do is walk through the doors of Westminster’s Butterfly Pavilion to discover the enchanting world of … Read more

Vail Lacrosse Shootout: A Sport for All Ages

From professional teams to Little League, the sport of lacrosse is exploding in Colorado. Two pro teams — Colorado Mammoth and Denver Outlaws — fill the calendar back to back from January through August. Kids are learning to play as young as 5; and in the spring, both boys’ and girls’ teams dominate fields at … Read more