Hotels in Winter Park Show Why It’s Colorado’s Favorite

Winter Park Resort is known as “Colorado’s Favorite”.  Located only 67 miles northwest of Denver and 90 miles west of Denver International Airport (DIA), it’s the closest major ski resort to DIA.  Winter Park has the most annual snowfall of any major resort in Colorado and typically receives over 30 feet of snow annually.  During … Read more

C Lazy U Guest Ranch: Full Winter Fun

The ranch compound lies about a half-mile below. It would take two minutes to drive, but right now no vehicles are allowed on the roadway. This route to the ranch is reserved for us sledders. I center my Flexible Flyer on its snow-packed crown. A ranch hand’s foot chocks the sled while I drop on … Read more

In Hot Water: Mother Nature’s Hot Springs

No matter the season, slipping into natural hot springs is a relaxing, rejuvenating way to while away the hours. Heated by the planet’s interior, water bubbles up through cracks and fissures, typically gathering a load of minerals along the way. When the water finds its way at the surface, it’s Mother Nature’s hot tub. For … Read more

Visit Local Eateries in Grand Lake

Visit Local Eateries in Grand Lake 2

Grand Lake is situated near one of the main entrances to Rocky Mountain National Park, making this mountain community an excellent base from which to explore Colorado’s national treasure. It also has its own attractions, such as a western downtown boardwalk riddled with quaint shops, and the Beach at Grand Lake, which offers water-based activities … Read more

Fraser Lodging for the Spontaneous Traveler

Any type of adventurer who hits the open road in Colorado faces decisions of whether to just keep on driving or to stick to the schedule. Open sunny skies, snow-capped mountains piercing fluffy white clouds, and the lure of yet unseen vistas beckon a spur-of-the-moment getaway. If you decide to follow the road you’re on … Read more

Dive into the Ditch for Fraser’s Newest Dining Experience

Dive into the Ditch for Fraser's Newest Dining Experience 3

One of the biggest bonuses of living along Colorado’s Front Range is the proximity to some of America’s most beautiful mountain recreation areas. Even if you live in the heart of busy Denver, relief from the hectic pace of city life is easily within reach. For many locals, the down-to-earth getaway vacation spots in the … Read more

Start in Granby for Fun and Food

Start in Granby for Fun and Food 4

Granby, Colorado is located directly between Grand Lake and Winter Park.  Located on Highway 40 about 85 miles west of Denver, Granby itself provides year-round activities as well as numerous options nearby.  As it’s situated between two well-known tourist destinations, it’s a perfect home base for local activities. Winter Park is home to Winter Park … Read more

Gorge Yourself in Granby

Gorge Yourself in Granby 5

With all the activities to do in Granby, you’re sure to build up a ferocious appetite.  Blending old and new, Granby Colorado restaurants show a favor for traditional Italian cuisine and all-American steakhouses.  While this may seem like there is a lack of variety in Granby, they make up for it in the only way … Read more

Devil’s Thumb Ranch: A Devil of a Good Time

Located just over 10 minutes from downtown Fraser, CO is the beautifully enchanting Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Anything but demonic in nature, the year-round ranch is home to two restaurants, spa, and unbelievable accommodations for the ultimate Colorado getaway. Just west of Winter Park, the sprawling 6,000 acres of private wilderness is a virtual playground for … Read more

Pub-Style Comfort Food at Winter Park Restaurants

Pub-Style Comfort Food at Winter Park Restaurants 8

I’m always delighted to discover an Irish Pub when I’m hungry, and as I was eating my way through the restaurants in Winter Park on a recent visit, I was thrilled to find Randi’s Irish Grill & Pub. Comfort food on a winter day always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, and I couldn’t … Read more