Exploring the Majestic Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway

Colorado River Headwaters Scenic Byway

High in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado River is a mere ribbon of water as it starts flowing westward, gathering momentum, breadth and depth on the descent. The Colorado River Headwaters Scenic and Historic Byway accompanies this treasured water source for about 80 miles of its 1,450-mile journey to the Gulf of California. As … Read more

SolVista Basin: A True Gem

SolVista Basin: A True Gem 1

Dan Galleri, mountain host at SolVista Basin, doesn’t know what it’s like to wait in line to get in the parking lot at a ski resort. “If I showed up at a ski resort and had to wait in line, I’d be having a bad day,” said Galleri. Apparently, Galleri isn’t exaggerating when he says … Read more

Ski or Snowshoe to Dinner: At Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Ski or Snowshoe to Dinner: At Devil's Thumb Ranch 2

The sun has set and the nearly full moon will soon be rising over the Colorado peaks. Skiers and snowshoers group outside the lodge at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, bindings latched and stomachs churning. It’s time to eat. They are the first wave of participants on the annual Grand Huts Association progressive dinner at Devil’s Thumb … Read more

C Lazy U Guest Ranch: Full Winter Fun

The ranch compound lies about a half-mile below. It would take two minutes to drive, but right now no vehicles are allowed on the roadway. This route to the ranch is reserved for us sledders. I center my Flexible Flyer on its snow-packed crown. A ranch hand’s foot chocks the sled while I drop on … Read more

Start in Granby for Fun and Food

Start in Granby for Fun and Food 4

Granby, Colorado is located directly between Grand Lake and Winter Park.  Located on Highway 40 about 85 miles west of Denver, Granby itself provides year-round activities as well as numerous options nearby.  As it’s situated between two well-known tourist destinations, it’s a perfect home base for local activities. Winter Park is home to Winter Park … Read more

Gorge Yourself in Granby

Gorge Yourself in Granby 5

With all the activities to do in Granby, you’re sure to build up a ferocious appetite.  Blending old and new, Granby Colorado restaurants show a favor for traditional Italian cuisine and all-American steakhouses.  While this may seem like there is a lack of variety in Granby, they make up for it in the only way … Read more

Gallop Or Trot To Hotels In Granby

A vacation to Granby can be a lot of things, with the exception of being boring. If you’re looking for something slow paced and relaxing, it’s the place for you. If you’re looking for something more adventurous and exciting, Granby can provide that too. With a number of dude ranches, B&Bs and lodges to choose … Read more

What’s Cooking In Granby: 4 Restaurants to Try

What’s Cooking In Granby: 4 Restaurants to Try 6

If your Colorado travel plans bring you to the mountain community of Granby, you are in for a treat. Sitting 7,935 feet above sea level, here you can experience the Rockies with much less cost than the larger resort community, yet without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Granby is known for its family-friendly community. Everything from … Read more

Colorado Guest Ranches: In Touch With Your Inner Cowgirl

Purple lupine, pink wild roses and yellow arnica color the green hillside directly outside my cabin. Any moment, I expect to see a deer wander through the thick forest of aspen, pine and spruce trees. It’s this gentler side of my inner cowgirl I seek to cultivate on this Colorado ranch outing. While I yearn … Read more

Grand County: A Grand Colorado Christmas

Looking for some Christmas enchantment? No doubt you will find yuletide magic in Colorado’s high country. While many Colorado mountain towns are celebrating the season in special style, here’s what’s happening in December 67 miles west of Denver in Grand County. Granby Dec. 11: Chili Christmas – Enjoy food, activities and holiday spirit for a … Read more