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Get a Glimpse of the Old West in Canon City Hotels

By on March 22, 2012

Cañon City, Colorado serves as an excellent base for a trip to the Royal Gorge region of Colorado. Located two hours to the south of Denver and 45 minutes…

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Canon City Adventures Conjure Up An Appetite

By on March 13, 2012

If you are considering Cañon City, Colorado as a vacation spot, then you need to plan some time to truly experience the magnificence of this gorge. From the spine-tingling…

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Holy Cross Abbey: Old Habits, New Wines

By on July 11, 2011

Alcohol and churches may not seem the most natural pair, but the Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Cañon City continues the tradition of the Catholic Church’s long history…

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Canon City, Colorado: From Fossils to Festivals

By on June 28, 2010

Set against the rising foothills of the Rockies, Cañon City enjoys a temperate climate, some of the most dramatic scenery in Colorado and numerous tourist attractions that will keep…

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