Kids in the Kitchen: At Copper Mountain Pizzeria

Kids in the Kitchen: At Copper Mountain Pizzeria 1

This uncooked pizza clearly resembles the Rocky Mountains: Mounds of cheese jut from the 18-inch crust. Their giggling creators grab more of the shredded mozzarella by the fist full and drop it like avalanches on pepperoni slices and mini meatballs. Green stuff is conspicuously missing here. Spinach, peppers and broccoli are definitely not my kids’ … Read more

8 Questions: Life as a Liftie

8 Questions: Life as a Liftie 3

At resorts and ski areas in Colorado, and across the country, lift operators make the chairs go ‘round. So don’t duck the ropes and don’t grumble when they ask for your pass on an icy day. Just smile, help your kids on the lift and be happy that you don’t have to hike up the … Read more

Copper Mountain: Lift Off the Season

Snow – it’s the stuff boarders and skiers dream of – and it has arrived in Colorado’s mountains, where the slopes are getting ready for business. To celebrate the end of Colorado’s snow fast, Copper Mountain ski resort will host its sixth annual Lift Off festival Nov. 5-7 to mark the opening of the 2010-2011 … Read more