The Gatherhouse-Glassblowing

It’s called Gatherhouse, after the glassblowing term of gathering, or collecting molten glass from the furnace. Here at this Frisco studio and gallery, the name seems to have a second meaning. Minutes ago I was helping stretch an orange and yellow gob of hot glass into 15-foot rod, no thicker than my little finger. Now … Read more

Step Back in Time: Loveland’s Sweetheart of a Museum

The tidy city of Loveland is known for its sculpture shows every August. But, make no mistake, this city serves up art year-round — on the streets, in the parks and at the Loveland Museum/Gallery in the heart of downtown. To get a taste of this artful little town about 50 miles north of Denver … Read more

Denver Art Museum: Pretty DAM Amazing

“This is a fantastic exhibit — brilliant! There’s Pee-wee Herman!” We were in the Denver Art Museum’s Frederic C. Hamilton Building, standing in front of “Headless” by Michael Joo — 28 identical terracotta headless Buddhas, a few feet high, meditating in neat rows. Twenty-eight heads from old action figures and dolls suspended from the ceiling … Read more

A Match Made in Heaven: Rainbow Trout and Surrealist Art

Cradled at 7,220 feet in the Rockies and past snaking mountain roads, Evergreen offers its visitors a bevy of activities to take part in, both in the winter and summer months.  With a number of activities ranging from those found indoors to those enjoyed outdoors, visitors to the town will find physically challenging endeavors as … Read more

Discover Art As You Discover Aurora

Driving down the street on your way to your favorite activity in Aurora, CO can be an exciting adventure on its own. For the art lover, the journey may be enjoyed as much as the final destination. Aurora is a community with civic pride, and in my opinion, you won’t see proof of that more … Read more

Summer Sizzles in Delta County

Cherries, peaches and vineyards are a few of the reasons people come to Delta County, Colorado. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find that this agricultural powerhouse just west of the continental divide has a fun-loving culture of its own. Just check out some of Delta County’s summer festivals. Here’s what is going on … Read more

Sculpture on the Blue: Massive Art Exhibit in Breckenridge

In summer, walk along the Blue River bike path in downtown Breckenridge, Colorado, and you’ll likely spot outdoor sculpture faster than you can find the first T-shirt shop. Impressive, considering the amount of cotton housed in the shops along Main Street. “Sculpture on the Blue,” a summer seasonal exhibit of massive art along the Blue … Read more

Denver’s Mezcal: Mex and the City

They lounge at the bar with their cowboy hats tipped just above their brow line, dark sunglasses concealing yesterday’s hangover, and tight muscle-shirts exposing tanned, bulging biceps. They eat rice, frijoles ranchero, and coctel de camarónes. Large, convivial groups of 10, sometimes 20 party like Prince around long rectangular tables, plowing through platters of chile … Read more

Reborn: Colorado Springs FAC is Stunning

If you have not visited the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center recently, prepare to be stunned. Not just because of the exquisite new building — 48,000 square feet of glittering glass — but because the Taylor Museum’s permanent collection will finally see the light of day. Long buried in the dusty bowels of the FAC’s … Read more