Lying in the Heart of Loveland

Nestled in the heart of Loveland, Colorado is one of the most unique sculpture parks in the nation. Benson Sculpture Garden is currently home to 132 remarkable sculptures, each with its own story and its own creator.

Potato Man, By Susan Geissler

According to the director for the park, “It is open to the public throughout the year, and annually this ‘public treasure’ draws tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.” The garden lies on a 10-acre park complete with public restrooms, handicap accessibility and plenty of places to enjoy a picnic on the lush, green grass. Created in 1985, this garden encompasses the truest meaning of art; big and small, realistic and abstract.

In addition to the magnificent collection of sculptures, Benson Sculpture Garden is also known for the stunning flowers, plants and ponds. The dazzling colors mingle, the plant textures coalesce, the 3 ponds enchant the air around them and the trees create a magical boundary around the garden. The collection of colors truly add an extraordinary element of wonder to the home of the sculptures.

Benson Sculpture Garden features renowned artists and frequently continues to acquire new ones.  Artists such as Gary Alsum, Dee Clements, Darlis Lamb Sharles and George Walbye are featured at the garden. Todji Kurtzman has  pieces inhabiting the garden. Kurtzmans piece “Monument in Right Feet Major” (shown to the left) is one of the most infamous pieces in the garden.

Fiesta, by Carol Gold

Kurtzman describes his work and his views of art in an incredibly unique way. He claimes, “My sculptures are created from intuition, discipline and a journey of self- realization. My intellectual understanding of what I create… develops long after the execution of the work.”

Each year, Benson Sculpture Garden hosts a “Sculpture in the Park” for the community. August 11th and 12th of next year (2012) will be the 29th Annual Sculpture in the Park. According to their website, “Sculpture in the Park showcases over 2,000 pieces of sculpture created by 170 sculptors from around the world. The event is majestically staged against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and attracts thousands of art lovers and collectors from across the country to Loveland’s Benson Sculpture Garden.”

Diaphanous Yo Tien, By Susan Pascal Beran

In addition to their “showcase” of all of the sculptures, the annual art show includes a Patron Party as well as a two-day silent auction. For complete information about the show, you can visit the “Sculpture in the Park” website at,

Whether you are looking to spend your afternoon with the old “Potato Man” and familiarize yourself with the stories you associate with his life or you are looking to spend the evening with your family by “Shelter Cove”, guarded by polar bears, you are sure to find whatever escape you need from the hustle and bustle of every day life here at the Benson Sculpture Garden. With every leaf that floats to the ground in Autumn to every flower that blooms in Spring, this incredible sculpture park continues to grow and captivate the hearts and souls of art lovers everywhere.