Logwood Bed and Breakfast: The Log Cabin Experience

Logwood Bed And Breakfast

For those looking for a true mountain getaway, there is the Logwood Bed and Breakfast in Durango. This beautiful red cedar bed and breakfast rests in the North Animas Valley.  Offering unparalleled beauty and scenery, this Durango B&B takes full advantage of Colorado’s natural scenery.  The Logwood features eight different guest rooms for Durango vacationers to choose from.  These include the Durango, Fawn, Silverton, Mesa Verde, Cliff Palace, Narrow Gauge, Animas Suite, and Aspen rooms.  Each of these rooms carries on the theme of the log cabin experience.

The Upper Level

For those looking for a little more privacy, there are a number of rooms on the upper level that can accommodate this request.  The first room on the upper level of the lodge is the Durango Room; this Northern facing room incorporates much of what you would expect to find in a small Colorado cabin.  With a queen size bed and red cedar log bed frame, this room exudes comfort and intimacy. With bright powder blue walls and bedspread, the room draws upon the serene feel of the nearby Animas River.

Fawn Room Logwood BB
The Fawn room offers excellent views of the Red Cliffs and Northern Mountains near Durango.

The next room on the upper level is the Fawn room, which provides Durango vacationers with views of the Eastern and Western Red Cliffs and Northern Mountains.  Inside the room, guests will be provided with a queen size bed and red cedar log ceiling fan.  Filled with earthy tones, shades of navy blue, and log furniture, the Fawn room continues the Colorado log cabin theme that is found throughout the house.

Next is the Mesa Verde Room, the most spacious room on the upper level.  Not only is the Mesa Verde Room the most spacious on the upper level, but it also has the most scenic view in the house, with windows facing the East and North.  Durango vacationers can get unparalleled views of the Animas River and Valley as well as views of the Needle Mountain and Purgatory Ski Resort.  With the combination of the view and a king size bed, this room is perfect for couples and newlyweds vacationing in Colorado.

The Lower Level

On the lower level, Colorado vacationers can choose from the Cliff Palace, Narrow Gauge, Silverton, Animas Suite, and Aspen rooms.  The two largest rooms on the ground level are the Cliff Palace and Narrow Gauge.  Each of these rooms feature large private bathrooms with claw bath tubs, separate showers, large vanity mirrors, and walk in closets.  Both of these rooms also come complete with 37’’ flat panel TVs with cable.

What sets the Cliff Palace apart from the Narrow Gauge room is the Cliff Palace’s gas fireplace and décor.  The Cliff Palace room employs shades of green, beige, and salmon whereas the Narrow Gauge sticks with the mountain lodge theme with wood paneled wall and shades of red and gray.

Logwood Porch
Sit on the porch after an adventure in Durango, or just come out to relax and enjoy the view!

Continuing on with the ground level we come to the Animas Suite.  The Animas Suite is one of the largest rooms on the ground level and can accommodate up to four people.  This suite holds two bedrooms, one with a king size bed and another with a queen size, separated by French doors, making it perfect for families or couples.  Being named the Animas Suite it has a perfect view of the river.

When it comes to privacy, the Silverton Room is king.  For romantics looking for privacy on their vacation, there is the Silverton Room.  Located next to the private entrance on the ground level, this room allows for people to enter and exit without being bothered.  To further the romantic mood, this room offers views of both the Animas River and Valley.  This room also comes complete with a flat panel TV and cable.

The final room on the ground level is the Aspen Room.  This room is perfect for both weekend wilderness seekers and couples alike.  Unlike the other rooms in the lodge, the Aspen room holds two separate bedrooms, each containing twin size beds.  This room comes with a full bathroom with a vanity style mirror.

Renting the Lodge

For those looking to hold a wedding, family reunion or other large gathering in Durango, Colorado, the entire lodge can be rented out to accommodate up to eighteen people, twenty-two if the separate loft area is rented as well.  The rental of the lodge includes complimentary full breakfasts and catered lunches and dinners upon request.  In order to rent the lodge, there is a three day minimum stay required.

If You Go

For more information on the Logwood Bed and Breakfast or to make reservations visit: http://www.durango-logwoodinn.com/ or call: (800) 369-4082 or email: [email protected].

Evan Witt is an Illinois native with a degree in English Literature from Lake Forest College, and as a frequent visitor to Colorado, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and photography.

Header photo of the Logwood B&B by George Kohl.
Fawn room photo courtesy of the Logwood B&B.
Photo of the porch at the Logwood courtesy of Gateway Reservations.