Lightner Creek Inn: On the Line Between Civilization and Wilderness

Lightner Creek Inn

Located to the west of downtown Durango and just south of the Perins Peak State Wildlife Area, the Lightner Creek Inn finds itself perfectly situated to take advantage of both the urban and wilderness scene.  In addition to being near the Perins Peak State Wildlife area, the inn is also located across from the Peregrine Falcon sanctuary and adjacent to Durango’s elk preserve, making it perfect for wildlife enthusiasts.

This scenic French manor style home features six different rooms in the main inn to choose from and an additional three in the carriage house.  In the main inn, Durango vacationers can choose from the Autumn, Blue Serenity, Creekside, English Terrace, Mountain Breeze, and Tuscan Retreat rooms.  In the carriage house, guests have the option of the Stateroom, Alpine Hideaway, or Summer Rose rooms.

The Main Inn – Upper Level

Located on the upper level of the main inn are the Autumn, Blue Serenity, English Terrace, and Mountain Breeze rooms.  On the lower level of the inn, guests will find the Tuscan Retreat and Creekside rooms.  In the Autumn room, Durango vacationers will find that the atmosphere reflects its namesake.  With burnt orange walls and accents of pink and green, the Autumn room presents a warm and inviting presence.  The room holds a king size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets, a fainting couch, and private bath with walk-in shower.

Blue Serenity Room
The Blue Serenity Room offers a king size bed and a soothing blue decor to help guests relax during their stay.

In the Blue Serenity room, guests will find that this room stays true to its name as well.  In this room, Durango overnighters will be immersed in shades of sky blue with splashes of gold and yellow, reflecting the season it is named for.  This room also features a king size bed, fainting couch for guests to relax and unwind on, and a private bathroom with full tub and walk-in shower.

Offering a similar atmosphere as that of the Blue Serenity room, the Mountain Breeze room employs shades of powder blue and soft greens.  This room also holds a king size bed and private bathroom with a walk-in shower.  Two aspects that set this room apart from the rest on the upper level are the hardwood floors and mock fireplace.

The last room on the upper level is the English Terrace room.  This luxurious room, as stated by the inn keepers, is sure to “improve your attitude” during your Colorado vacation and is one of the Inn’s “best kept secrets.”  Soaked in natural tones of beige and wood, this room focuses on the feel of nature.  This is further extenuated by the room’s very own private terrace which overlooks the Inn’s garden and comes complete with chairs and a fountain to aid in soaking in the beauty.  Of all the rooms on the upper level, the English Terrace room offers the most privacy as provided by its very own private entrance.

The Main Inn – Lower Level

Located on the lower level of the main inn are the Creekside and Tuscan Retreat rooms.  Perhaps the most lavish room on the main level, and in the entire house for that matter, is the Tuscan Retreat room.  This room features a plush king size bed with wooden frame and satin sheets, mock fireplace, private entrance through the garden patio, and a private bathroom.  The second room on the main level, Creekside, features floral print wallpaper and a queen size bed with matching powder blue bed spread.  Also found in this room are a private bathroom with full-sized tub and walk in shower, a private entrance, and a full length mirror.  The Creekside room is also handicap accessible.

Lightner Creek Inn Gazebo
Unwind and enjoy a peaceful evening from the well-manicured grounds and gazebo at the Lightner Creek Inn.

The Carriage House

For Colorado vacationers who are searching for a little more privacy, there is the carriage house.  It is in the carriage house that guests will find one of the most well equipped rooms on the property, the aptly named Stateroom.  In this lower level room, Colorado vacationers will be treated to a king size bed with intricately carved bed frame, writing desk, and more.  Other accouterments include a private bathroom with Jacuzzi tub with separate shower, and a private patio entrance.  In addition to these perks, guests will have access to a fully equipped kitchen, complete with stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and all the amenities found in your kitchen at home.  This room is located on the lower level.

Also on the lower level is the Summer Rose room.  In this suite, Durango vacationers will have access to a king sized bed with a beautiful wooden sleigh bed frame, private bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, and a gas fireplace.  Much like the Stateroom, the Summer Rose room also has access to a private patio entrance.  In this room, guests will find rose imagery abundant, with rose print wallpaper, pillows, and bed sheets.

The third room in the carriage house is the Alpine Hideaway.  Being one of the more spacious rooms at the Lightner Creek Inn, the Alpine room is the perfect room for larger groups, fitting up to six people.  Reflecting this sentiment, the Alpine room comes with two queen size beds, a pull-out couch, a private bathroom with walk-in shower, gas fireplace, and plenty of room for a little R&R.  This room also has access to a hot tub, a feature unique to this room.  All the rooms, in both the carriage house and main building, have access to wireless internet and satellite TV.  With such plush comforts on your Durango vacation, it is a wonder that you’ll ever leave.

If You Go

For more information about the Lightner Creek Inn or to make reservations visit: or call: (800) 268-9804 or email: [email protected]

Evan Witt is an Illinois native with a degree in English Literature from Lake Forest College, and as a frequent visitor to Colorado, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and photography.

Header photo of the Lightner Creek Inn by Flickr user wscottw3.
Photo of the Blue Serenity Room courtesy of BnB Finder.
Photo of the Lightner Creek Inn grounds by Teresa Steely.