Idaho Springs: Serving Up Mind-Blowing BBQ and Enormous Mountain Pies

idaho springs bbq

Being that it is a small mountain town, you’ll probably find your vacation to Idaho Springs is mainly focused on hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard.  While this is all well and good, you’re going to need something to fuel your body as you shred through the powder.  Idaho Springs offers up a variety of cuisine that is almost certain to quell any hankering you may have.

Smokin’ Yards BBQ

Smokin’ Yards BBQ
BBQ sandwich and slaw at Smokin Yards

No matter where you go in the U.S., every state (especially in the south), claims to hold the title of having the best BBQ in the country, but as we all know, it comes down to a matter of opinion.

Nestled in the mountains of Idaho Springs in a modest wood building, Smokin’ Yards proves that you don’t need a flashy venue to serve up juicy ribs or succulent brisket.  In short, they let their meat do all the talking.

With a knowledgeable staff and a warm homey atmosphere, you’d be insane to pass up this joint even if you’re just passing through during your Colorado vacation.  Some might say it’s even worth the 40 minute drive from Denver just to get a slab of ribs, with a trip to the hot springs afterwards, of course.

You can enjoy your meal out in the sunshine or in the soft glow of the mountain moon with seats inside and a deck area outside.

Two Brothers Delicatessen

A seemingly anomalous sight in a mountain town, Two Brothers brings quality, freshly-made sandwiches to all who enter through their doors.  Now many might say, “I can make a sandwich better than any deli,” but most will find themselves eating their foot, as well as a Two Brothers sandwich.

Two Brothers DelicatessenWith a family-owned and operated feel and an old-timey saloon seating area, Two Brothers offers up tasty sandwiches, a large beverage assortment–which includes a selection of more adult beverages for those who are of age–and cookies the size of Frisbees.

Open during hours that encompass breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Brothers are more than willing to whip up something for you and your chums before, after, or in between your time on the slopes during your stay in Idaho Springs.

Cherry Blossom Asian Cuisine

When in a mountain ski town, one wouldn’t expect to find a good or even a decent Chinese restaurant.  So it should come as a surprise to find such a place on your vacation in Idaho Springs.  If you find yourself burned out on sandwiches and other greasy fast food, the Cherry Blossom can offer up a healthy and delicious alternative to greasy fries and burgers.

The Cherry Blossom offers a quiet and intimate atmosphere, and favors quality dishes paired with a warm, attentive, and courteous staff that makes you get the feeling that you’re part of the family.

Beau Jo’sBeau Jo’s

Now it may not be true that everyone likes, or loves, pizza, but Beau Jo’s Mountain Pies are sure to make a few nonbelievers change their attitudes.  Beau Jo’s not only serves as a place where you can dig into some original Colorado-style pizza, but also as a landing pad where wayward skiers can warm up and enjoy one of their unique pizzas, which are almost as unique as the origin story of this establishment.  Let’s just say that it involved a Frenchman, a Wooly Mammoth, New Jersey, and some caves… depending on who you ask.

Providing a vast menu of entrées, such as their skillets and their make-your-own pizza pie, the options border on limitless.  Beau Jo’s also believes in truly serving all their customers, and as such, offers gluten-free options for those with wheat allergies or Celiac Disease.

Smokin’ Yards BBQ: Location – 2736 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs, CO 80452.  Phone # – (303) 567-9273.  Hours: Monday-Thursday 11 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 10 pm.  Menu:

Two Brothers Delicatessen:  Location – 1424 Miner St, Idaho Springs, Co 80452.  Phone # – (303) 567-2439. Website:

Cherry Blossom Asian Cuisine: Location – 2700 Colorado Boulevard, Idaho Springs, CO 80452.  Phone # – (303) 567-1166.

Beau Jo’s: Location – 1517 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO 80452. Phone # – (303) 567-4376.  Website: