Head to Casa Blanca Restaurant for Family Recipes and Local Favorites

Downtown Leadville Colorado

One of the nice things about visiting historic Leadville, CO, is that it is home to a lot of locally owned and operated businesses. In my lifetime, I’ve found that this is especially important and so when I was looking for restaurants in Leadville and was in the mood for Mexican food, I decided to follow the suggestion of one of the locals and drop in at the little place on a side street called the Casa Blanca Restaurant.

Casa Blanca Restaurant
Try the salsa and other delicious creations at the Casa Blanca Restaurant.

Don’t Pass up Mexican Cuisine When Searching for Good Restaurants in Leadville

You always know that the food will be good the minute you walk in the door and recognize that the banter going on between the tables means that the patrons are local. The atmosphere doesn’t have to be formal and the furnishings don’t have to be new if the food is enjoyable. The Casa Blanca Restaurant is a tiny place that has been run by the same family for over thirty years, and the feeling when you walk in the door is reminiscent of walking into the home of a friend as a child.

The foods served at the Casa Blanca are made following family recipes, and the salsa recipe is definitely a winner. The establishment was on the small side, as far as restaurants in Leadville go, and the wait staff is minimal. This fact doesn’t interfere with the service at all. My friend and I were happy enough when our tostada and enchilada plates were dropped off and the waitress hurried off to attend to another guest. We didn’t get the feeling that we were ignored and didn’t have to wait for service.

You don’t have to take my word that this eating spot is an unpolished gem that shouldn’t be missed. As you visit the shops in Leadville, take the time to talk to the area residents. You’ll find that a lot of them are quick to suggest a stop at the Casa Blanca and will give directions on how to find the place.

If You Go

If you decide to drop into the Casa Blanca Restaurant the next time you are in Leadville, look for it at 118 E 2nd Street. Don’t be put off by the outside appearance of the little place in the out of the way location. You are at the right spot if you’re looking for good Mexican food. If you need to call them, the phone number is 719-486-9969.

Header photo of downtown Leadville courtesy of  US Dept. of Transportation via Wikipedia Commons.
Photo of Casa Blanca meal courtesy of PBville.co.