Get Outdoors and Enjoy Nature in Lakewood Parks

Crown Hill Park

Looking for something to do on a beautiful day? Whether you want to get out by yourself or are searching for family activities in Lakewood, Crown Hill Park should be on your list of destinations. The wildlife sanctuary won’t open until July, but the rest of the park can be fully enjoyed and a lot of families take advantage of the setting for a day out with their families.

Activities in Lakewood for Every Member of the Family

Pack up the kids and dog, lunch, roller skates, bicycles or skateboards and get ready for a day of outdoor activity and enjoying nature. Just make sure that you don’t forget your camera because it’s likely you will be able to see a fox or coyote in addition to the birds that flock to Kestrel Pond on the 242 acres that the park sits on.

Coyote Pounces Crown Hill
Make sure to bring your camera because it’s likely you’ll see some of the wildlife that roam the park.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, skaters and horseback riders can all enjoy the trails through Crown Hill Park. Just remember that the folks who are walking always have the right of way. You can use the streets if you feel the need to go at a faster pace than the skater of bicyclist ahead of you and want to get around them.

Three and a half miles of paved trails in the park form loops. No one is excluded, as 0.7 miles of trail in the nature preserve is ADA accessible. In total, the trails encompass 6.5 miles. The horse trails are located in the southern part of the park. You won’t be able to bring your horse onto the lake trail because of safety considerations.

Crown Hill Park has 2 picnic areas and flush restrooms. If you’re horseback riding, you’ll be happy to see a hitching post near the restroom area. There are about 18 benches scattered throughout the park so you can rest in comfort. The fishing pier is also ADA accessible.

If you are able to keep the kids awake after a full day of nature watching, stay at the park for sunset. The views are glorious during the day, but against the setting sun, you’ll be glad you stayed and maybe even be able to take some pictures.

If you decide to enjoy a ‘family friendly activities in Lakewood day’, you can find the park at 9307 West 26th Avenue in Lakewood. Park your vehicle in the lot on 26th Avenue between Garland and Garrison streets. If you need to call, the phone number is 303-271-5925.

Nature lovers who haven’t explored Crown Hill Park are missing out on one of the natural treasures that Colorado has to offer.