Fine Mexican Food at Restaurants in Pueblo

Fine Mexican Food at Restaurants in Pueblo 1
Jorges Sombrero

When you visit Pueblo, Colorado, you have to find a place for good Mexican food. This region is famous for its locally grown chilies, and Mexican restaurants throughout the community capitalize on these flavorful peppers. Once you dine on Mexican in Pueblo, you will have trouble going somewhere else to enjoy these flavors. As you look for the best option, consider the place the locals go when they want fine Mexican. That place is Jorge’s Sombrero.

Dine at the Locals’ Favorite Mexican Restaurant in Pueblo

When the locals want Mexican food, they know to go to Jorge’s Sombrero. This restaurant is known for its fresh, traditional Mexican dishes. They offer everything from burritos to shrimp tacos, and like most Mexican places in Pueblo, Jorge’s Sombrero has handmade margaritas.

Margarita Jorges Sombrero
Try a handmade margarita at Jorge’s Sombrero.

Jorge’s Sombrero is famous as being the Mexican restaurant of choice when the President of the United States visited Pueblo. The moment you walk in the door, the bright colors will take you back to a Mexican street, and the smell of peppers and chilies will help you understand why the locals love this place. Fresh made salsas and guacamole complement most dishes.

If someone in your party is not in the mood for Mexican, do not worry. Jorge’s Sombrero offers Platillos Americano, which include dishes like chicken fried steak, the BLT, grilled ham and cheese, and chicken fried chicken. With these additional plates, Jorge’s Sombrero is a location where anyone can dine, even when they visit Colorado in a group with varying tastes.

Unlike many of the Mexican restaurants in Pueblo, Jorge’s Sombrero is open for breakfast, but only on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy Mexican omelets, spicy chorizo sausage with eggs, and huevos Mexicano.

If You Go

Jorge’s Sombrero has three locations, two in Pueblo and one in Colorado Springs. The Pueblo locations are 1319 East Evans Avenue and 314 West Northern Avenue. The second location is a carryout or catering location only. The main restaurant is open from 11 am until 9 pm Monday through Friday, opening at 9 am on the weekends.

Reservations are not required, but you may need to wait because it is so popular. To find out if there is a wait, call 719-564-6486, or to place a carryout order from the West Northern Avenue location, call 719-565-2995. For more information and a full menu, visit

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Header photo by Jimmy Changa.
Margarita photo by Foursquare user Taa D.

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