Experience Asian Restaurants in Glenwood Springs

Experience Asian Restaurants in Glenwood Springs 1
Glenwood Springs Asian Restaurants

The main draw of Glenwood Springs is its amazing hot springs pool. Here you can soak in healing, naturally warm mineral infused waters, and spend the day lounging with your family. You can also enjoy time hiking or skiing in the mountains that line this beautiful city on both sides. This makes it a popular destination for Colorado vacations.

Asian Flavors Line the Streets of Glenwood Springs

When you are done with your time at the hot springs pool, many excellent restaurants are waiting for you in Glenwood Springs. One option is to choose an Asian dining location. The city has several for you to choose from, including these popular choices.

May Palace Glenwood
If you’re craving Chinese food during your Glenwood Springs trip, head to the May Palace for lunch or dinner.

May Palace

May Palace is a simple location that specializes in Chinese food. It is open late, so you can enjoy it after a day in the mountains, and it has an affordable price tag yet tasty food. The lunch portions are quite generous for the price, and you can grab takeout to allow yourself to continue enjoying all of the fun things to do in Glenwood, Colorado.

Taipei Tokyo

Taipei Tokyo offers a MSG-free Asian dining experience in a friendly location with to-go options available. On the weekends, you can stop in for the lunch buffet. If you love Asian food but want something a little different than the traditional Chinese restaurant, then this is the location to choose. A full list of beer, wine and cocktails is available as well.

Zheng Bistro
Zheng Asian Bistro offers tasty wok-fired meals made with fresh ingredients.

Zheng Asian Bistro

Zheng Asian Bistro features natural foods and fresh ingredients. They get their vegetables directly from a farm daily, so you can be sure they are fresh. The Wok Fired creations are tasty and infused with Asian flavors.

Zheng Asian Bistro uses custom-designed stoves, made to the head chef’s exact specifications, to ensure that all of the food receives that special Wok Hay taste. All food is seared to perfection to enhance its natural flavor, and you will notice the difference when you bite into a crisp vegetable on your plate.

China Town

The décor at China Town may be a little odd, making it feel a bit more like a Mexican restaurant than a Chinese one, but the food and service are highly rated. You can enjoy traditional Chinese dishes, like mu shu pork and duck, and the prices are fairly affordable. Be prepared for large portion sizes when dining here.

If You Go

To better prepare for your travel experience to Glenwood Springs, visit www.glenwoodchamber.com to learn about all of the things to do, places to stay, and locations to eat in this popular Colorado travel destination.

May Palace
820 Grand Ave

Zheng Asian Bistro
35 Market St. Unit C

Taipei Tokyo
1605 Grand Ave

China Town
2830 South Glen Ave

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Header photo of Grand Ave. Glenwood Springs by M.V. Jantzen.
Restaurant photos courtesy of Glenwood Chamber Resort Association.

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