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Glenwood Hot Springs

Like any other town in Colorado, Glenwood Springs provides a bevy of activities to take part in year round.  During the summer months, vacationers can hike through the town’s ample national forest areas or explore them via a number of different modes, from rafting to horseback rides.  During the winter, visitors to Glenwood Springs can expect world-class ski and snowboarding resorts.  The town also has a number of year-round activities to enjoy with their natural hot springs, vapor caves, and rock and ice climbing areas.

Glenwood Canyon
Explore Glenwood Canyon for hiking and climbing adventures.


The summers in Glenwood Springs provide a number of activities for people vacationing in Colorado to take part in.  Spanning over 2 million acres and ten counties, the White River National Forest provides ample space and scenery for those looking to explore the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer.

Contained within this national forest are seven different wilderness areas that include the Collegiate Peaks, Hunter-Fryingpan, Raggeds, Flat Tops, Holy Cross, Eagles Nest, and Ptarmigan Peak.  These areas offer a number of forests and lakes to explore through guided horseback, biking, segway tours, white water rafting, rock climbing, and zip line adventures.

For something a little less physically demanding, vacationers can relax with a trip up the mountain via the Iron Mountain Tram ride or play a round of golf at one of the nine municipal golf courses.


Not to be limited by the snow, Glenwood Springs also hosts a number of winter based activities for Colorado vacationers.  It goes without saying that Glenwood Springs is the perfect place to have your Colorado vacation if you’re looking to ski or snowboard.

Sunlight Mountain Ski
Though it’s within driving distance of Aspen and Vail, Glenwood has its own ski resort as well, Sunlight Mountain.

In addition to the town’s very own Sunlight Mountain Resort, it is also situated near a number of other world-class skiing areas such as Aspen and Vail.  Once you’re done hitting the slopes, there are other winter activities to occupy your time.  Vacationers can choose to go on guided snowshoe and snowmobile tours, opt to rent a Jeep for private outdoor excursions, and even go on a snowcat tour of the mountain back country.  The town also sports an NHL-size skating rink.


There are a number of activities for people vacationing in Glenwood Springs that can be enjoyed year round.  Perhaps the biggest draw for people from around the country, and the world, for that matter, are the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool and the Yampah Vapor Caves.

First used by the Ute Native American tribe, the hot springs and vapor caves have been tapped for their therapeutic, holistic, and public appeal.  Since 1888, the Hot Springs Pool of Glenwood Springs has drawn in many notable guests such as Al Capone, Molly Brown, and even former President Theodore Roosevelt.  With a constant water temperature of 90-93 degrees, this pool is the largest of its kind in the world.  Much like the Hot Springs Pool, the Yampah Vapor Caves were once considered a holy place by the Native Americans of the Ute tribe.

Now visitors can come and use the therapeutic properties of these natural vapor caves in its underground chambers or enjoy a massage or a beauty treatment above ground in the spa area.  For those looking for more adventure, vacationers can try their hand at a number of challenging rock climbing and ice climbing areas which include Glenwood Canyon, Grizzly Creek, Hanging Lake, No Name Canyon, Rifle Mountain Park, and others.

If You Go

For more information on the Glenwood Springs Hot Spring Pool visit: http://www.hotspringspool.com/ or call: (800)-537-7946.

For more information on the Yampah Vapor Caves or to make reservations visit: http://www.yampahspa.com/ or call: (970) 945-0667.


For information on Zipline Adventures visit: http://www.glenwoodcanyonzipline.com/ or call: (888) 494-7386.

For information on rafting and canoeing in Glenwood Springs visit: http://www.raftingglenwoodsprings.com/ or http://www.rockgardens.com/ or http://www.coloradowhitewaterrafting.com/

For Information on Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park visit: http://www.glenwoodcaverns.com/ or call: (800) 530-1635.

For information on guided horseback, off-road, ATV, rafting, and snowmobiling tours visit: http://www.glenwoodadventure.com/ or call: 1(877) 346-4536 or (970) 945-7529.

For information on Sunlight Mountain Resort visit: http://www.sunlightmtn.com/ or call: (800) 445-7931 or (970) 945-7491.

Evan Witt is an Illinois native with a degree in English Literature from Lake Forest College, and as a frequent visitor to Colorado, he enjoys fishing, camping, hiking, and photography.

Header photo of the Glenwood Hot Springs by Scott Foutz.
Glenwood canyon photo by Flickr user suzphotofun.