Dog Friendly Things To Do In Colorado

Dog friendly Colorado has a new law allowing your furry friend to go with you to a restaurant. You can sit with your favorite pet outside on the deck or patio. You can even take your dog to some breweries and enjoy a cool one. There are other places, such as lakes or mountains where Fido can join you. Just make sure s/he is on a reliable leash.

Everyone knows that dogs are a big part of the Colorado landscape. They can be found most anywhere you walk or drive. Senate Bill 78 was recently signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis. The law makes it easier for restaurants to allow dogs on their patios and decks – not inside the restaurant. All dogs must be on a leash or in a carrier.

Restaurants in Colorado are Now Pet Friendly

Dog Friendly Restaurants In Colorado Springs


Dog Friendly Restaurants In Colorado Springs

If you are headed to Colorado Springs, you need to be aware of these dog friendly restaurants.

Pub Dog Colorado located at 2207 Bott Ave, this is a great dog friendly restaurant and it also offers a dog park on-site.

Rudy’s Little Hideaway Restaurant is located at 945 S 8th St. and is another restaurant where your dog is welcome. Rudy’s is considered one of the best Mexican restaurants in Colorado Springs. Enjoy dining, with your pooch next to you, out on their outdoor patio deck.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar locates at 7605 N Academy Blvd. Take your pooch out on the patio and enjoy your drinks, appetizers, and favorite meal. Your dog will not mind if you throw him/her a little snack now and then. There are many other places where you can dine, along with your pet.

Dog Friendly Restaurants In Cherry Creek

There are several dog friendly restaurants in Cherry Creek. One of these popular establishments is the Flower Child, 3110 E 1st Ave, which welcomes your favorite friend. Here you will discover health-conscious food. They serve many gluten-free and vegan options.

Another restaurant is the Grind Kitchen + Watering Hole, 300 Fillmore St. Their fried chicken will most likely leave your doggie begging for a few more pieces to gobble down!

Dog Friendly Lakes In Colorado?

dog-friendly swimming colorado

Your dog will love you forever the moment they see that vast open lake – what an inviting place for your pet to take a swim or just splash around in the refreshing water. There are many dog friendly lakes Denver. One of the favorite places to take your dog is Chatfield State Park. This is because the park offers a 69-acre area of the off-leash dog area. This area also has two ponds just for your pet to swim around in and have a great time. It is totally fenced in. Your dog will have a great time running around and getting the exercise s/he cannot get inside of your condo. Dogs outside of the off-leash area must be on a 6-foot leash. Another place your dog will love is Sloan’s Lake Park. The lake is beautiful and enjoyed by many dogs. There are also thousands of geese. Not only will your dog love this, but it offers a great view during the 2.8 hike around the lake.

Dog Friendly Breweries In Colorado Springs?

dog-friendly brewery

A Dog friendly brewery in Colorado Springs might sound like a strange place to take your mutt; however, several breweries make it a point to welcome your pet. One of these is the Rocky Mountain Brewery, 625 Paonia St. This is a fantastic place to take your dogs and enjoy a beer or two. Rocky Mountain is very dog friendly. Another place to take your pet is Storybook Brewing, 3121 A N, N El Paso St. This fantastic brewery is set up for your best friend. It opens onto a park at the back. There is also outdoor seating. Goat Patch Brewing Company, 2727 N Cascade Ave #123, offers a patio for your canine. They have outdoor seating so you can join your furry friend. Your dog might not appreciate the friendly staff and good service as much as you, but Patch Brewing offers it all. Customers seem to go for the Peaches ‘n Cream, the Stout, and the Pumpkin. You might also enjoy Dueces Wild Brewery, 660 Peterson Rd. Management says they are very dog friendly as long as your dogs are also friendly. Established in 2018, this brewery won the Gold Medal in 2019 for their Knuckle Dragger and Scotch ale.

dog-friendly breckenridge

There are some great dog-friendly things to do in Breckenridge. It depends on how much energy you have and if you had a good night’s sleep. If you have the stamina, you might want to explore some of the 100s of miles of trails Breckenridge has to offer. This will offer you and your pet some fantastic exercise. You will find a variety of different terrain, elevation, and level of difficulty. Breckenridge also has many dog friendly retailers. If you want to take your dog inside a store, it is important first to ask the shopkeeper if it is okay. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash while browsing the store. Many of the stores place bowls of water outside their businesses for your furry friends. Another amazing adventure is the BreckConnect Gondola. The gondola is free to ride for people and pets. It gently glides over a wildlife preserve to the top of Peak 8 in the Rocky Mountains. It makes several stops along the way. Your leashed pet is welcome to explore the base of Peaks 7 and 8. There are so many “doggie activities” available in Breckenridge that you can fill your calendar for an entire year.

Colorado ranked No. 2, by, in their study of pet-friendly states. They based this on states which are the safest and offer the most welcoming environment for your pets. When you think “dogs,” think Colorado.